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Greetings from Liberal, Kansas

Two attractive housewives of Liberal, Kansas, ‘Pancake Hub of the Universe’ prepare to run the 415 yard course which starts at the well and ends at a church which is the similar course run by the women of Olney, England. Each year on Shrove Tuesday the women of these two cities race, via stopwatch, in an International contest.


tuesday, june 20 — i was studying on my iPad and my mom told me that she had something to show me, she came out of her room with a huge box filled with old memories of my great grandparent from her side of the family and some other things from my father’s side.

(left picture) is a picture featuring my great grandfather and my great grandmother from my mother’s side (i am french and spanish if you didn’t know), they were both spanish and here are their old passport and a family record book, it is sincerely amazing to still have some papers like that!

(right side) concerning my father’s side there is some papers from the world war 1 and i can’t believe it! i am actually speechless to hold these papers dating from years and years ago in my own hands in 2017.


Vintage edition 2 by Elisa Félix
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On Typewriter Tuesday, a few of the postcards depicting a mainstay of the Underwood Typewriter Company’s marketing: The giant typewriter. These postcards date from 1915 to 1939. You can learn more about the images by clicking on them.

Also visible on two of the above postcards is Underwood’s slogan: “The machine you will eventually buy”. You have to appreciate the fatalism.

From the Donald & Carolyn Hoke Typewriter Advertising and Ephemera Collection in Memory of Dr. Stephen Salsbury and Dr. Reed Geiger, in Hagley’s Published Collections.