vintage tube amps

Hanging out at my place today.

Floor: 1968 Fender Telecaster

Rack, left to right:

  • 1968 Gibson SG Special
  • 2010 Gibson Custom ‘60 Les Paul Special Double Cut VOS
  • 2005 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition '66 Stratocaster Closet classic
  • 2006 Fender Custom Shop '60 Stratocaster Relic
  • 2012 Gibson USA Nighthawk Studio
  • 2009 Gibson Custom '60 Les Paul Special TV Single Cut VOS

My 1968 Gibson SG Special,with my cousin’s Marshall MA100C.  He lent this amp to me to see if I could fix it…the reverb is not working.  Apparently this is/was a common issue with these amps.  I did not have the heart to tell him that… 

1) I am not nearly as “handy” as he thinks I am, and 

2) There is a high probability I will go in there looking for the reverb issue and end up irreversibly f*cking up something else completely and irreversibly!