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Does Tumblr not like Monsters?

Vintage Toy Archive regrets that Monster Monday is delayed until Tumblr allows for photo posts. Tonight’s Monster goodies are here, waiting… waiting… waiting…

SORRY! Tumblr still won’t post my photos.

Vintage Toy Archive - First Anniversary!

One year ago today, I started blogging Vintage Toy Archive, posting images every evening without missing a day. Now VTA boasts over 3,900 toys, games and other treats from the 1960s & 1970s, mixed with a bit of the 50s & 80s for good measure. 

It thrills me no end, this chance to share my love of vintage toys with all of you here, and I will continue posting images every evening around 7:30pm EST USA. Please enjoy!

Thank you tremendously for your follows, likes, reblogs and encouraging messages over the past year. I’m having a blast with Vintage Toy Archive, and I hope you are, too!