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Apple Watch? Samsung Gear? Motorola Moto 360? Smartwatch

The Seiko TV WATCH (1982, Japan) was the very first real, honest-to-goodness wrist TV, delivering VHF/UHF television, FM stereo radio, as well as time, alarm, calendar, and stopwatch functions. Sorry, no email. It consisted of three units: the wrist display (1.2" b&w LCD), the pocket receiver, and the headphones which were required in order to hear the audio (there is no speaker). The earphone’s cord also functioned as the antenna. Model TR02-01. This and more original vintage TV photos here.

From the book “Vintage Transistor Televisions.”

The Fear - A still from the final episode of The Twilight Zone television series written by creator and host, Rod Serling. Original Air Date: 29 May 1964

Final Narration: Fear, of course, is extremely relative. It depends on who can look down and who must look up. It depends on other vagaries, like the time, the mood, the darkness. But it’s been said before, with great validity, that the worst thing there is to fear is fear itself. Tonight’s tale of terror and tiny people on the Twilight Zone.