vintage syringe

SNK Readthrough: The Titan Serum Syringe

I was at a small comic con recently where I found a vendor selling a vintage hypodermic syringe with finger grips and a glass barrel. I was reminded of the one in Rod Reiss’s possession. I was impressed enough to take this photo, but not to part with the $50 needed to own it.

The vendor and I chatted briefly. He told me these were often used on the battlefield, explaining that the design added speed and control. When I thought about Frieda injecting herself - terrified, alone, hands trembling - I could see why this might be necessary.

It’s a tiny detail but it stuck with me. I appreciate the thought Isayama puts into each panel. And I was left wondering if the syringe currently in Levi’s possession will be used on the battlefield like the real life examples it was thoughtfully patterned after.