vintage sundays

So, sitting in my inbox right now is an ask that I felt required some resource-gathering on my part, and that involved going through my old art.  This is not an easy task for me, because the embarrassment I feel from looking at my old stuff is   s o   v i s c e r a l , that I can’t even go through and delete the stuff I don’t like, because that would require actually looking at it.

Anyway, I’m powering through it.  And in the process I found something I don’t absolutely despise, so I wanted to share it here.  These bishounen rejects are from 2007.  Sock and Jonathan didn’t even have names.  Mephistopheles did, but he was a totally different character.

It’s April Fools, and this is basically a joke, so why not?  Haha.

Enjoy!  (but like… also don’t)