vintage statement necklaces


Another couple of photos from this shoot. It would be a shame to not post them, because I hate to waste pretty things. No photo left behind!

Photos by Chris Smart. Check out his gorgeous street style blog csmartfx

A few good things that have happened recently at work:

• I got to do a full blow dry all by myself and she tipped me $10 🙌🏼
• then she came back and specifically requested that I do her blow dry, rather than a stylist, and even tipped me $10 again 💁🏼
• I got another ten dollar tip from one of our regulars for his wash / style 🙊
• and even a toonie just for a shampoo!
• I got a lot of compliments on my hair, both the colour and a loot about my natural curls 💕
• Alison, Charlotte and Jen complimented me on my vintage multi stone statement necklace and even admired it for a few minutes afterwards
• a client complimented me on it as well and so did the lady at the grocery store after work hehe
• my bosses and coworkers are just amazing in general
• last week we had cake for Jen’s birthday 🍰
• a client brought us all timbits
• Michelle (who was on maternity leave) came back!! 💗
• Amy (who’s now on maternity leave) came to visit with her baby 🍼
• my boss Alison complimented me on my new witchy dress
• Alysha complimented me on my new shoes
• a new girl (who seems really nice) is starting this weekend 🎀
• I cried at work yesterday when I got bad news but all of my workers were so amazing and supportive and really helped to cheer me up, I left with a smile thanks to them 💜
• Charlotte bought me a pair of thigh high / tights and she keeps telling me about this gift she found online awhile ago that is perfect for me and how she now knows where to get it 🙈
• Cale and Michelle suggested new fashion shades for me to do and cale even said I looked like the girl in the picture and she was gorgeous!
• Sarah loved the crystal keychains I made on my day off and made me feel really proud of myself 😌
• minimum wage also went up twenty five cents!! 💰✨

Source- @hannajoelle on Instagram

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