vintage soda shop

The Ladies’ Home Journal, July 1948

TWIRP stood for “the woman is requested to pay” by the way. TWIRP season was one week a year, usually February (probably because it was like the leap year proposal tradition) but depending on the area it could be any time of year. During the week girls would do the courting, opening doors for boys, paying for dates - dance tickets and movie tickets, carrying their school books, and it usually culminated with a Sadie Hawkins dance. The ritual is said to have been popularized seen in the comic strip Freckles and His Friends (similar to Archie).


Not all art deco. However vintage and cool none the less. I have always been fascinated and loved old school ice cream shop, drug store soda shops/malt shops. Here are some really great images. I myself make ice cream, and if I had enough money I’d like to open my very own ice cream/soda/shake shop, all done in art deco style. Anyways, hope some of you all like these old school soda shop/malt shop photos.