vintage snap back

Things I Associate with TWICE

Nayeon: Monochromatic painting, floral dresses, strawberry milk, embroidery, drinking coffee at a cafe, cute nail art, rollerskating, bubble baths, peeking through blinds, sewing, pearls, star earrings, cloud gazing, walking along the shore, eating sweets, releasing balloons.

Jeongyeon: Walking around a city at night, fluorescent street signs, concrete walls, faded newspaper clippings, flickering lights, torn up paintings, walking along train tracks, junkyards, broken glass, abandon buildings, ripping up paper, shipping crates, metal armatures.

Momo: The sound of water dripping from a faucet, feeling hot water on your back, the reflection of water, water ripples in a lake, abandon subway stations, broken down trains, mannequins, body jewelry, shadow silhouettes, fishnets, ripped clothes, smoke from a bonfire.

Sana: Sparkles, gazing up at the stars, watching out your window at night, looking down at the clouds from an airplane, walking on sand, shooting stars, holding hands, playing with prisms, getting immersed into a book, flower crowns, feeling your hair blow in the wind, making a wish on a dandelion.

Jihyo: Scattered marbles, sitting on a rooftop at night, writing in a journal, simple bed sheets, crystals, moonlight, looking into a mirror, star gazing, the sound of walking on sand, looking for seashells, reflections, ripples in water, stained glass windows, shaking snow globes.

Mina: Sleeping in, white curtains, simple rings, dead trees, birds, cloudy days, indoor plants, looking outside your bedroom mirror in the early morning, blank stares, lavender, porcelain glassware, messy hair, wondering around in a forest, moments where it feels like time has stopped, butterflies. 

Dahyun: Cheering someone up, rollerskating, the feeling of achievement, the sound your feet making walking across a wooden bridge, picking flowers, the smell of the outdoors, blowing bubbles, having a picnic at the park, learning something new, swimming at night, band aids.

Chaeyoung: LED signs, the sound of trains running over tracks, taking the subway, talking around the city, looking out the window of a moving car, graffiti, denim jackets, flower stickers, roads after it rains, vintage stereos, melting candles, snap backs, taking long baths, glitter.

Tzuyu: Chandeliers, morning sunlight, roses, rotary dial phones, doilies, feathers, lace, playing the piano, the sound of high heels on wood floors, painting your nails, the click of a camera, walking on the street at night, store signs lighting up the road, relaxing in the bathtub, the sound of running water.


‘New York Dolls’ model: Ola Rudnicka, Esmeralda Saey-Reynolds - photographer: Boo George - fashion editor: Giovanna Battaglia - hair: Shay Ashual - make-up: Hiromi Ueda - nails: Fleury Rose -set design: Gille Mills -  W Magazine September 2014

  • Paige Denim jacket - Banana Republic turtleneck - 3.1 Philip Lim skirt, jacket - Sarah Chloe ring - Stuart Weitzman shoes - Diane von Furstenberg turtleneck - Marciano skirt - MCM bag
  • Matchless London trenchcoat - Equipment sweater- Dian von Furstenberg turtleneck - Joie skirt - Dooney & Burke bag - Bally boots - Tory Burch turtleneck - See by Chloé skirt
  • Joie dress
  • Banana Republic coat - See by Chloé skirt - Paulie Ka hat - Gap peacoat- Eugenia Kim cap - Emporio Armani bag
  • G-Star coat - Diesel Black Gold shirt, skirt - Tory Burch skirt - MCM bag - 7 For All Mankind coat - Amelia Toro turtleneck