vintage shops in london

Lady Jane Boutique in Carnaby Street.
Marlene McDonald, 20, a saleswoman in the Lady Jane Boutique, Carnaby Street, London, models what appears to be the latest mini-skirt craze, a mini-skirt embellished with a coat of arms appropriate to the purchaser’s name. London, December 1967

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Name: Lily
Age: 15
Country: England/France

I searched up “I am 15” to find someone my age and this page came up so I thought I should try it. anyway!!! I go to a boarding school near London and I live in Paris but I would love to be friends with ANYONE xoxo I swear quite a lot coz why not and I watch Grey’s Anatomy, love tumblr for the aesthetics ;) <<< also love Instagram for the same reason and spend too much money on shopping (especially vintage stuff). So yeh I am pretty cool hmu if u r too I’m friendly xoxox

Preferences: 14-16