vintage shoe ads

American Airlines Flight Attendants, 1967.
Against a white backdrop, a pair of American Airlines air stewardesses help each other into their uniforms, September 1967. The photo was taken as part of a billboard ad campaign for the airline. Photo by Susan Wood

View of an advertising card for L.L. Farnsworth, depicting a boy and girl. Printed on front: “Why cousin! You ought to get Joyce Protection toe shoes; they will never wear out at the toe! Donaldson Brothers, Five Points, N.Y.” Printed on back: “Parents, shoes made with the Joyce Protection will never wear through at the toe, are as neat as without any protection, and adapted to the finest quality of shoes. Thousands of pairs worn and never failed. We have them for sale. Give them a trial and satisfy yourselves of their utility. L.L. Farnsworth, dealer in boots, shoes and rubbers, Detroit, Mich. Fearey’s Albany shoes with Joyce Protection toes a specialty.”

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

The Rand Shoe, 1953 ad by Tom Simpson