vintage round sunglasses

China - Theo Raeken

Summary ;; theo finds out that your boyfriend hasn’t been treating you so well and decides to do something about it.

Warnings ;; swearing, mentions of abuse

Words ;; 2.7k

Published ;; 2nd august, ‘16


Stay safe + ily🌱

You rounded the corner in the hallway filled with overly-excited students, pushing your round, vintage sunglasses up the bridge of your nose as you tried to focus on what the chatty were-coyote beside you was talking about, but every time you zoomed in on the discussion you spaced out again a couple seconds later.

Clearing your throat, you gently shook your head to remind yourself to get rid of the repeated thoughts which had been haunting you continuously ever since it had happened. “-although, I think he feels bad for me because-” You cut Malia off with furrowed eyebrows, feeling slightly guilty for not listening to her story.

“Wait, who are we talking about?” You questioned anyway to which Malia gave you an annoyed, pointed look so you just shrugged innocently at her before opening your locker and grabbing the things you needed for your first class.

“Mr. Yukimura. Pay attention,” She sighed in exasperation and you finally closed your locker, settling your books firmly against in your arms and against your chest. The two of you began to walk down the hall again, your friend chatting away; she seemed to be in a good mood, which was uncommon for anyone in the pack nowadays so you let her carry on despite how crap you felt inside and out.

“Anyway, I think he feels bad for me because I’m really bad the driving tests, but he doesn’t want to fail me because he knows about the car crash and the fact that I was a coyote most of my life,” she laughed wholeheartedly and you couldn’t help but chuckle along with her at the sound of her merriment and although you were listening to her ramble away about her driving skills, you weren’t actually listening listening, words just didn’t seem to be processing in your head today.

Malia seemed to notice that, however, as she grabbed your arm in her strong hands and abruptly stopped you from walking on any further, “okay, tell me what’s wrong.”

You opened your mouth to give a pathetic, lazy excuse but you were saved by the sound of the bell ringing throughout the halls. “I’ve gotta get to class, see you later,” you gave her a small smile accompanied by a slight nod of your head before turning and walking in the opposite direction towards biology.

When you got there, everybody was already seated and quiet, all their eyes darted to you and you gave a sheepish smile to your teacher, Mrs. Finch, giving her a quick apology for being late but she just rolled her eyes. You did too when you noticed your biology partner was indeed in today; you sat down next to him with a huff and dropping your books onto the table in front of you with a loud slam.

“Hey, babe,” A cocky smirk graced Theo’s lips and when you narrowed your eyes at him with annoyance, it got bigger.

“What’s up, buttercup?” You gave him an enormous, sarcastic grin before it vanished instantaneously and you stared at him with the most unamused expression you could muster on your face.

“Woah, what’s got you pissed, princess?” He chuckled lightheartedly and you chose to ignore the nickname you’ve adopted from him as you clicked your tongue irritably, facing the front of the class and ignoring him the best you could.

“[Y/N], please take off the sunglasses when inside,” Mrs. Finch stared over at you with a displeased frown for breaking one of the simplest rules at the school. Your heart rate sped up at the request and you mentally cursed yourself because obviously, the two werewolves in the room heard it. Scott immediately turned around to check that you weren’t hurt or having some sort of attack, you glanced at him before your eyes flickered back to your teacher.

“Uh, can I, you know- can I not?” You stumbled over your words and you felt your cheeks blaze a deep red in embarrassment.

“Take off the sunglasses when inside, now.” She repeated with a more demanding tone and you felt yourself holding your breath as you hesitantly pulled them off your face, nearly everyone in the class had turned to face you because of your interaction with your biology teacher and some gasped when the saw the deep, dark, purple bruises around your eye and on your cheek.

Mrs. Finch ultimately didn’t notice as she carried on teaching the class, all the students turned back to face the front and didn’t say anything more but of course, Theo Annoying Raeken bought it up. “Who the hell did that to you?!” His eyebrows furrowed in an angry motion as his eyes scanned over the fresh bruises. 

You groaned quietly, trying to use your long hair in an attempt to cover it. “Why the hell do you care?!” You whispered harshly but Theo’s eyes filtered away from yours and his gaze landed on the desk, nothing but silence coming from him for once.

You faced the front and tried to concentrate but you couldn’t help but notice Theo glancing at you every ten seconds, you just ignored it at first but eventually it got annoying. “What?” Your question was blunt and he wasted no time in asking the question he was so itching to ask.

“Was it Ashton?” He accused your boyfriend but you defended him immediately, not wanting him to get that kind of reputation.

“What? No!” It shot out almost instantly after he had asked and you felt your heart start hammering quicker than before in your chest and for the second time in five minutes, you cursed at yourself for not having control over your heart rate because lying to werewolves with a steady heartbeat would be so much easier.

Theo’s eyes widened when he heard it, and yours did too when you realised that he’d heard it. “He wouldn’t do that to me,” You tried to convince him of your reckless lie by laying on the justifications. It wasn’t Ashton’s fault anyway, it was yours for upsetting him and he would be even angrier if he knew that you had told someone what he did.

“Stop lying for his sake! He hurt you, [Y/N], that’s not okay.” You knew that he was right, but you were just scared of the outcome if you were to stand up to your boyfriend of six months. The only way you could mask that fear was with sarcasm.

“Well, we sure hate each other,” You announced with a raised eyebrow but Theo was in full-on serious mode, you understood why, but you just didn’t want to have this conversation right there and at that moment.

“I don’t hate you,” Was all he said and you nodded with pursed lips, not so sure how to respond to the sincere confession.

“That’s progress. If it’s any consolation, I don’t hate you either,” You agreed with the boy sat next to you; it was true. Stiles kept informing you that he thought Theo was evil and although Stiles had been your best friend since elementary school, you didn’t understand why he was so adamant about Theo being utterly destructive. Sure, he was extremely annoying and knew how to push all your buttons, but it’s not like he was going to kill everyone.

“You have to leave that son of a bitch, you know?”

You sighed, “I know, I just- I-I don’t know. He said he loved me and I believed him, I guess..” Your gaze filtered to the floor as you shrugged timidly, this whole situation making you feel small and upset. Theo didn’t reply and you assumed that he had just lost interest in the conversation, you tried to focus back on the lesson but you couldn’t. All your thoughts swimming and constantly going back to what happened, your eyes filled with the unshed, salty tears as you replayed the dreaded scene in your head like a movie. 

You tried to swallow them down but a couple spilled, rapidly falling down your rosy cheeks, you wiped them away just as quick, sniffling quietly to not draw attention. You were certain that nobody noticed your little, unintentional crying fest so when the bell rang through your ears, you packed up your things like nothing different happened during class.

But Theo shot up out of his seat, his chair falling over from the impact of him standing up so fast, he practically ran out the room after the teacher had dismissed the class. You follow after him at the same speed, your eyebrows furrowed in a state of confusion, ignoring Scott when he questioned where you were going. You jogged behind your supposed enemy, only just dodging other students which littered the crowded hallways. “Theo!” You called out, still confused as to why he was completely blanking you. That’s when you noticed his hands curled into fists and the blood that his sharp claws were drawing. He was angry, no doubt.

Then, a familiar, cocky laugh filled your ears and you saw your boyfriend laughing with his friends by his locker. Promptly, you realised that that was where Theo was manoeuvring to. Before you could stop anything from happening, Theo reached his destination and roughly shoved Ashton against his locker with great force.

“Theo!” His name escaped from your lips and your eyes considerably widened as the sound of Ashton hitting the locker echoed throughout the hall and ultimately caught the attention of most students.

“What the fuck, man?!” Ashton’s voice boomed and a crowd began to assemble around the two; Ashton tried to throw Theo off but a human was no match to a werewolf.

“You know what you fucking did!” Theo shouted, almost growling in a sense and you knew that if you didn’t at least try and calm him down, he would lose control. You didn’t want to get involved, none of this was supposed to happen and all you felt like you could do was stand and watch it all go down with wide eyes and shallow breaths.

But you hastily made the decision that you wouldn’t do that, this wasn’t just a normal school fight. It was dangerous, Theo could turn accidentally and seriously hurt somebody if you didn’t intervene. Without thinking twice, you rushed into the middle of the crowd, ignoring the expecting stares from the students around you who were chatting excitedly because of a fight.

“How dare you hurt her. I’m going to-” You cut off Theo’s harsh, demanding words as you pried his clenched fists off Ashton’s collar. Ashton stumbled to the side, muttering insults and other inaudible things as the students groaned about the fight not commencing and then carrying on with their day.

“Theo, stop,” You broke him out of his seething trance-like state and when he noticed your soft [Y/E/C] eyes looking at him, his claws retracted and he took a deep breath.

“If he’s going to treat you like utter shit then I’m obligated to kick his ass, [Y/N],” Theo mumbled faintly and you chuckled slightly at the correct accusation. You wanted nothing more than for Theo to ‘kick his ass’ but being a werewolf had it’s perks and downsides. You didn’t want to witness the downside of being a werewolf which was losing control and killing everybody within sight.

Ashton noticed the exchange between you and Theo whom you thought did actually hate you until this day, nevertheless, your boyfriend threw you the sharpest glare he could, “[Y/N], a word?”

You gulped, your smile vanishing; your heart rate began pulsing through the roof as you scarcely shook your head at him. His eyebrows shot up in what you deciphered as amusement, he laughed menacingly, taking a step towards you but took the same amount of steps back: keeping a safe distance between either of you.

“No?” He asked mockingly, you avoided eye contact purposefully, just then you noticed the desolate hallways, the realisation of it filled you with an unsteady and eerie feeling.

“No.” You surprised yourself with how strong your voice seemed, normally you would give in and just do whatever he says to make him pleased and it wasn’t until then that you realised how much of an unhealthy relationship you were in and how much you needed to get out of it.

“Come on, let’s go and talk about this, now.” He smiled incredibly fakely but you weren’t fooled anymore, the truth had hit you and you weren’t playing his games any longer.

“I don’t want to,” You started, taking another step back, “I don’t want to be with you anymore.”

“[Y/N], you’re mine. Let’s go home,” He wrongly claimed you with a snarl and Theo scoffed, clearly showing how impatient he was beginning to get with this guy.

“She said no, she doesn’t want to. How many more times does she have to say it until you start to understand?!” He stood a step towards Ashton, standing more in front of you so you wouldn’t get even more hurt than already. Theo wouldn’t necessarily admit it, but he had had a soft spot for you since he first showed up in Beacon Hills and it just kept growing. He liked you, a lot, and it was starting to show.

“You’re not a part of this, so stay out of it, yeah?” Ashton took a step towards Theo but Theo just shook his head, chuckling to himself lightly.

“I’m a part of it when she turns to me after you abuse her. So let me tell you again when she tells you no, she means no. That means back off and if you don’t, I swear to god, you’re gonna regret it.” Theo growled, his now-sharpened teeth and claws on show. Ashton’s face paled instantly as he stumbled back a few steps, mumbling inaudible things with wide eyes.

“O-okay, okay. I’m going.” He stuttered but stood frozen and unmoving.

“And if you ever lay a finger on her again, I will kill you.” Theo flashed his golden-yellow eyes, taking a couple steps forwards and shoving Ashton’s chest backward causing your now ex-boyfriend to nearly trip over, his breaths shallow and eyes substantially widened even more than before.

“Got it?” Theo snarled, with eyes filled with an undeniable rage and Ashton nodded rapidly before turning swiftly and practically sprinting away. You wished that you could feel bad for Ashton, Theo probably just ruined his life. He’ll be cursed with nightmares and tons of questions about what he just saw and when he tries to explain it to someone, they’ll think he’s crazy. But you didn’t feel bad at all, in fact, when Theo turned back to you, looking normal again, a grateful grin graced your lips.

The bell rang again to signal lunch and Theo wrapped his arm around your shoulders playfully as students poured out the classrooms. “Thank you.”

“For what?” His tone was smug and you knew he just wanted to hear it being said by yourself.

“Everything,” You rolled your eyes, a wholehearted laugh emitting from your happy self as Theo nodded, a triumphant smirk written on his lips.

“You know, Stiles keeps telling me that you’re the bad guy,” You stated once your laughter died down, both of you sat down on the benches outside the cafeteria.

“Hm? What do you think?” He asked with a raised eyebrow, sitting across from you. You leant your arms on the table and then leant forward, narrowing your eyes down at him.

“Please, you’re a puppy.” You scoffed jokingly before the two of you erupted into laughter. You had a feeling that things were looking up, yeah, you still had to survive some evil doctors who seemed to be turning unlucky teenagers into supernatural creatures, but you got out of an abusive and destructive relationship which you had been stuck in for way too long.

You knew you’d get to happiness at some point, ‘regression to the mean’ as Deaton called it: things will even out and return to a more neutral place eventually.

You’ll get there soon. One step at a time.