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Something rather sweet just happened to me.  An elderly lady with a little zimmer frame just came up to me as I was waiting outside a shop with my dogs and she says to me: “I hope you don’t mind me passing comment.” To which I immediately think it’ll be about the dogs, because even if I do say so myself they are stunning looking, especially the two black greyhounds Harry and Flynn and usually whenever anyone comes up to me like that or stops, its to fuss over the dogs.  But NO!  Not a word was said about the dogs, instead she went on to say how lovely and pretty I looked in my dress and how nice it was to see as young ladies these days don’t seem to wear dresses much any more. I was so taken aback I probably blushed. I was certainly bashful as it was this out of the blue complement to which she added how beautiful my hair was.  Needless to say it made my day!

We just brought some more denim jackets into the #618s6th shop. Here are two of them; Right- vintage US Made Polo RL 40s style w/ chest pocket. Size L.
Left- 1970s beltback quilted Key Imperial w/ chest pocket and contrast stitiching. Size 40 (M). Stop down today to check out what else we have!! #vtg #denim #vintage #vintagedenim #denimjacket #vintagedenimjacket #beltback #vintageworkwear (at Briar Vintage)

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