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Purple x Yellow 

From Karen: Ask anyone and they’ll tell you how much I love wearing purple! This was really a yin and yang esque shoot for us. We wanted to celebrate our differences and still look fresh AF! This skirt was a come up from Urban Outfitters’ sidewalk sale and I got the top there too. You can’t really see the earrings or the makeup in this shot but everything had a hint of purple in it. 

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Norman Rockwell, The Tired Salesgirl, 1947. 

Be patient and be nice when you’re out taking care of your returns, exchanges and spending your gift cards today. It’s been a long, crazy month for the retail industry and it’s still not over yet!


A selection of photographs of shop fronts in the English town of Shrewsbury taken in 1888 by the amateur photographer and shop owner Joseph Lewis della-Porta. The ten most popular retailers on the Victorian high street were, in descending order, milliners and dressmakers, boot and shoe shops, book sellers, butchers, wine and spirit merchants, fruiterers and greengrocers, corn chandlers (who sold items such as corn, wheat, flour and animal feed), watch and clock makers, confectioners, and opticians.

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It's fuckin cheap that you buy a shirt at a thrift store for say $5 and upsell it for $35. You're taking advantage of your followers and its fuckin messed up, we all got to make a living boo not just you. Do you honestly not feel bad/guilty about doing this. I did not realize you were like this and def look at you differently know, which is disappointing

Hi there! Most vintage stores and regular depop sellers do this as well- it’s actually not uncommon at all. Even normal boutiques and retailers do this, except they buy from wholesalers instead of thrift stores. Most of my shop is full of my old stuff! However, there are some secondhand pieces I’ve found that I believe others could enjoy :) I’m assuming you’re asking about the silk top currently listed at $32 (which wasn’t purchased for $5 by the way.) This top is worth well over $32 and would absolutely be sold at a steeper price at a normal vintage retailer. I’ve started a part-time hobby and business out of making my depop shop into my own lil curated thrift/vintage store. It’s been a really fun project and I’ve loved getting to use all the skills I pay to learn in school! Doing this on the side has somewhat satisfied my tween dream of having my own thrift store :) That sucks it makes you feel differently about me. I’m fully transparent about the pieces I sell and I love that everything I’m selling at the moment promotes a more sustainable future. If you have any further questions or concerns, feel free to email me at :)