vintage reproductions


Yum Yum!

This delicious dress is handmade from new fabric using an original vintage pattern from the 1950’s and is covered in cupcakes!

The dress has a fitted bodice, full circle skirt and low back neckline. The dress is fully lined with bright pink bemsilk.

It is size 24 with the following measurements:

Bust - 46"
Waist - 39"
Hips - 48"
Skirt length from waist - 24"


Some of my favorite sketches from my evening at Besame cosmetics on Saturday night. Besame is a fabulous brand started by two ArtCenter grads who make very detailed reproductions of vintage beauty products.

Saturday night, for their launch of their new cake mascara, I was present to draw tons of lovely ladies, many who came fully decked out, using the mascara itself to sketch.

So much fun!

Another important word from our sponsors to the lady-readers. 1967

EMKO produced a contraceptive foam, which at one time was illegal for unmarried women to possess. Honestly. The law said only married women could use birth control. Read this Wikipedia entry about that absurdity… an EMKO clinical director turned reproductive rights activist was arrested once for giving this very product and condoms to a woman a few months prior to this ad’s publication. Birth control became legal for all women in 1972 due to his persistance and activism.