vintage ps2 games

  1. Gamera vs. Barugon (re-titled War of the Monsters in the US, 1966)
  2. Godzilla vs. Gigan (re-titled War of the Monsters in the UK, 1973)
  3. Godzilla 2: War of the Monsters (NES, 1992)
  4. War of the Monsters (PlayStation 2, 2003)

ohfuckthisshit  asked:

how about McKirk AU where Bones is temporarily de-aged back into his late teens ??

  • Bones doesn’t remember anything from the last 15-something years of his life when he wakes up. All he knows is that suddenly he’s in a strange room in a strange place and there’s this older guy sleeping next to him. What the fuck. He sits up straight, color drained from his face as the other guy just turns to his side and wraps an arm around him. “C’mon, Bones, five more minutes.” And Bones is panicking because where is he and who is this guy. When the other man’s hand moves down to his thigh, Bones dashes out of bed, faster than light, and he trips when he takes the blanket with him. “Jeez,” the guy mumbles, sitting up straight and looking at the mess on the floor. “Wait. Who are you?” “I’m Leonard McCoy,” Bones says, “who are you.” “You’re not Leonard,” the guy continues, crawling over his bed to Bones’ side and Bones tries not to be distracted - or at least intimidated - by his naked torso and toned abs. “Oh yeah. Look at you. What happened? You look years younger.” 
  • Jim is calm, or at least he looks calm, but Bones hears him freak out to this tall guy with the Goblin-ears. “What the hell happened to my Bones? He’s like 18 or something, Spock..” Bones can’t blame him, he’s freaking out, too. He gets dressed in sweatpants and his blue shirt, though the latter is ultimately too big on his shoulders and it doesn’t look great. 
  • The worst part is that he’s stuck in space. It’s the one place he never wanted to go ever, and how was he going to make it back to Earth in time for his exams. Pre-med’s not the easiest. And Bones is just panicking because he wants to get down to solid ground. He wants to get back to his college in Georgia, to his parents in the weekends, generally anywhere but here. To make it worse, this Jim Kirk is following him everywhere. Arm around his shoulder, saying things like: “Oh, you were a lot skinnier back in your late teens, huh?” “So this longer hair isn’t like, a really long phase of yours, is it?” and “You look so cute I can’t wait to tell your old self this once you’re back to normal.” Nobody can explain exactly what he’s doing here, aside from the fact that he’s supposed to be one of Starfleet’s best doctors, but that’s not possible. Bones isn’t even graduated pre-med yet. 
  • Bones makes friends with Chekov, who’s only a few years older than him and they get absolutely drunk on whiskey together. “I don’t understand why Jim’s always around me” Bones complains. It’s not that he genuinely dislikes him, it’s just that Jim is so in his personal space and Bones doesn’t know how to behave when those eyes stare up at him so brightly, or when Jim throws him a wink, or when his hands touch his arms. It’s just this overwhelming sensation he hasn’t had since his first girlfriend, but Jim’s definitely not date material. He’s way too old. “You and Jim have been in relationship for like, two years already,” Chekov shrugs. He’s sagged back against the couch and they’re playing vintage PS2 games together. “Why Jim, though?” Bones asks. “Doctor,” Chekov says, gently patting Bones’ leg, and being called doctor is honestly the weirdest fucking thing in the world, “when I was your age-” “You’re barely three years older than me.” “Yes exactly,” Chekov says, “when I was your age I wished someone looked at me the way Jim Kirk looks at you.” “And now?” Bones asks. “Now I have that someone,” Chekov replies, smiling lightly. “Just enjoy it. Surely Jim can teach you a thing or two about the human anatomy.” “Gross.” Bones replies.
  • Jim mostly sleeps on the couch. He may be flirty and everything, but he knows his boundaries. And Bones lies in bed alone, for the so many-th night in a row, and he just doesn’t want to. He also feels bad for Jim. Bones isn’t the only one suffering through this, Jim’s suddenly lot his boyfriend, too. And Jim’s looked increasingly more tired, and more stressed. Sighing, Bones gets up from bed and walks towards the door frame. “You want to sleep in bed instead?” He asks, seeing as Jim’s still awake anyway. “Oh, I wouldn’t want you to sleep on the couch.” Jim replies. Bones rolls his eyes. “I wasn’t gonna.” He says, turning around to go back to his side of his bed, and Jim joins in a few seconds later. 
  • “How are you?” Jim asks quietly. He’s lying on his side, and so is Bones. They’re facing each other, and Bones feels a little awkward. “Fine,” Bones says. “I’m sorry I don’t remember you.” “Don’t be. It’s not your fault until we find out a way to shift the blame to you instead of me.” Jim says with a grin. “Why would we blame you?” Bones asks. “I mean, usually these things are kind of my fault.” Jim shrugs a little. They talk quietly, until Bones is starting to fall asleep. Jim turns around, and Bones’ arm makes its way around him. It’s the best sleep he’s had in days.
  • So they repeat that same pattern. They go to bed, talk together for maybe an hour or two, and fall asleep. Bones starts realizing how easy it is to fall in love with someone like Jim, whom he previously thought was just an old weirdo. Bones likes listening to Jim explaining about his day on the Bridge, or how his away mission on a strange planet went. And every day, Bones is lying just an inch closer to Jim as he speaks. His gaze mostly focused on his eyes, sometimes his lips, and he watches him speak in the slither of light that comes from the room. God, he definitely couldn’t blame his old self for being into this guy. And Jim grins, like he knows exactly what Bones is thinking, because his hand moves up over Bones’ arm, and Bones inches in even closer. He can feel Jim’s breath on his lips and he visibly shivers. “Still think I’m just an old weirdo?” Jim asks, and Bones grins. “Yeah, definitely.” He says, but he still leans in for a kiss. 
  • The next morning Bones is back to his old self. He doesn’t know until Jim’s sleepy voice exclaims a loud “Bones!” and pretty soon after he feels Jim’s lips on his own, pressing kisses to his jaw and his neck, and Jim straddles his hips skilfully. Bones grunts, still tired from sleeping, but God, is this a nice sight to wake up to. It’s even nicer to actually remember who Jim is. His arms slide up over Jim’s legs, resting on his hips, and he smiles. “Morning.” “God, I missed you. You think that kiss saved you? Such a cliche. True love’s kiss,” Jim replies with a laugh. Bones rolls his eyes. “You’re such an old weirdo.” He says, and Jim lets out an insulted noise, though quickly forgotten when Bones pulls him in for a kiss.