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The Redux collection of modern wooden vintage cars by Candylab

Candylab is the Brooklyn based company, that created an awesome range of modern little wooden toy cars, with the style, vibe and character of vintage muscle cars and other iconic American cars. now they created a new collection, the Redux collection. A series of four iconic American cars, that is a must in the home of everyone who has passion for vintage cars and child, or at least a strong inner-child. You can find it here on Kickstarter.

“Micro” miniature radio, USSR, 1965-69. Unlike many advanced Soviet designs, which were produced in a unique copy - for reporting purposes only - and then were placed on shelves of their designers, “Micro” was mass produced in tens of thousands of copies with most of them being exported to the USA and Europe, where they were in great demand. Khrushchev proudly gave this miracle of Soviet microelectronics as presents to his high-ranking colleagues, including Queen Elizabeth II. 


We found another tape from this series of psychedelic designs of 1970s-era tape boxes. One of a series of designs made by Capitol Records for reel-to-reel home recording. This one features symbols for celestial bodies with the sun in the center!

☉ ☽ ☿ ♀ ♂ ♃ ♄ ♅ ♁ ♇ 

Sophie Kaye, New York, 80mm

The vintage photography experts at Lomography are back on Kickstarter with a new art lens set. Based on a design from the 1830s, the convertible Neptune system opens up a new world of visual possibilities for modern photographers — letting you create exceptionally sharp images with strong, saturated colors, or soften them with delicate bokeh effects. 

See more here.

Marine Toux, Paris, 50mm

Lorenzo Scudiero, Rovereto, 35mm


100 Days of Productivity/Design – Hello friends, I no longer have school/have to study, but that does not mean I stop learning :-) ! I decided to do a 100 Days of Productivity but with a focus on graphic design to hone my skills and improve my work & work ethic. Everyday, I’ll commit myself to posting something I make on Illustrator/Photoshop. Any ideas or constructive feedback is always welcome and appreciated. (-:

Day 1-3: Inspired by my trip to Korea.