vintage plymouth



Midlife crisis much? When the owner of this collection turned 50, he gave himself 50 classic cars of the 1950’s as a birthday treat. He parked all of those cars in the woods that surround his home to let them wither away there… “I can’t help it, I have a morbid interest”, he says cheerfully. Among the cars are such classic beauties as a Plymouth Savoy (1954), a Buick Special Dynaflow, a Citroën Traction Avant, a BMW 340, a Borgward Hansa 1500, a Mercedes Benz 170S (all from 1950), but also a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith and a Jaguar XK120. With the latter he won a grand prix in the 1980’s… He bought all of the cars around the same period in 2000. Some of them had already been restored completely, such as the Buick. To hasten the decaying process, he even smeared yogurt on the cars. The yogurt ferments corroded the paint and the metal of the cars faster. While lovers of vintage cars shudder at the sight of this neglected collection; urban explorers have a field day!