vintage pageant

Happy May Day!
Photo [altered slightly by me]: Postcard from the 1913 May Day pageant at Iowa State College in Ames, IA.

A synopsis of the festivities was provided in the ISC yearbook:

“Early in the morning as dawn begins to break, low, sweet strains of music fill the air. After it is full daylight the winds and the clouds come up, followed by a heavy storm with flashes of lightning. Soon The Trumpet Flower awakens the flowers by a blast of her horn, and they appear two at a time.

"In the afternoon, the sun still shines, Columbia, who has been recently crowned queen by Robin Hood, welcomes her cousins, peasant girls from Ireland, Scotland, Hungary, Italy, Holland and England. Each of them does a characteristic folk dance for the entertainment of the new queen. Some of the flower children give the Maypole dance just as the sun goes down.

"Immediately after sunset, the flowers go to bed and the queen holds an informal reception for her cousins and the friends among the flowers.”