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hi, this is just a suggestion because I can't get enough of your really cute mirajane drawing, but would you be open to draw her in a one-piece swimsuit and large beach hat? I saw a vintage picture of a woman in the beach with a one-piece classic swimsuit and large striped hat and I thought you might like this idea since you draw Mirajane really well :*

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Water Wear

The 10 best swimsuits to wear this summer!

Summer is here (woop woop!), which means long days spent at the beach and hanging poolside with friends. Up your style game this season with our picks of the best swimwear. Whether your signature style is sporty and streamlined, vintage-inspired or sexy and sleek, we’ve got the perfect swimsuit for you. 

From ‘50s-style two-pieces to ruffled bandeaus, update your beach look with vintage floral prints, cut-outs and lace-up details. Get ready to make a splash this summer! 

1) Topshop ‘Aloha’ Print Floral Bikini

2) Wildfox ‘Florida Garden’ One-Piece Swimsuit

3) Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Flounce One-Piece Bathing Suit

4) Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Ruffle Push-Up Bandeau Top Bathing Suit

5) Victoria’s Secret Pink Flounce Bandeau Top Bathing Suit

6) Victoria’s Secret Beach Sexy Braided One-Piece Bathing Suit

7) Seafolly Bella Rose Vintage Maillot Women’s Swimsuit One Piece

8) Forever 21 Cutout Bikini Bottom

9) Forever 21 Polka Dot Bikini Bottom

10) Forever 21 Tribal Print String Bikini Bottom

What look will you be rocking at the beach this summer? Let us know!

De Dienes, Andre (1913 - 1985)

Born in Hungarian Transylvania, De Dienes was thirty-two, muscular and blue-eyed when he met Marilyn. Before David O. Selznick called him to Hollywood, De Dienes had lived and worked in Rome, Paris, and London.

De Dienes was the first photographer to have a long relationship with Norma Jeane, both with and without the camera as go-between. The time he first met her, he recalls in his book Marilyn Mon Amour, she was wearing “a skimpy pink sweater, her curly hair tied with a ribbon to match, and carried a hat box. With child-like smile and clear gaze, she was absolutely enchanting.”

De Dienes took his first shots of Norma Jeane in 1945. They were typical sweater-girl fare: along Route 101 in North Hollywood, in a field with a newborn lamb, in blue jeans and a red blouse; at Malibu Beach, with Norma Jeane in shorts and a sweater.

Later they went on extended photo shoots. Norma Jeane turned down his requests for her to pose nude, just as she initially refused his compliments, advances, and notes slipped under the door saying things like “Come to me, we’ll make love. You won’t be disappointed.” But as they worked together, scouring the American West, South and North, from the beaches around L.A. as far north as Mount Hood, taking in Las Vegas, the Mojave Desert, Yosemite, and Oregon - where De Dienes accompanied her on a rare visit to her mother - the inevitable finally happened between model and photographer. It was one night when they could not find a motel with two separate rooms. Marilyn later recalled, “The truth us, that I began the trip with only business in mind [she was paid a flat $200 fee]. But Andre had other ideas.” Actor Alex D’Arcy, an acquaintance of De Dienes at that time, was in little doubt that it was a case of a photographer exploiting a young girl.

De Dienes wrote a rather fulsome account of that night in his book: “In my dreams I had explored her body. Reality far surpassed my imagination….She slipped into the big bed, where I joined her. It seemed the most natural thing in the world. The night was ours. Everything she felt for me, trust, gratitude, even admiration, was fused in her surrender. Everything was so simple, so wonderful. Why had we hesitated, waited, denies ourselves so long? Our bodies were so well matched, made for each other. I could not get enough of that silky skin, of her supple body both docile and demanding, of our shared, repeated pleasure and, suddenly, as my cheek brushed hers, I realized she was crying.”

By his account, De Dienes was greatly smitten with young Norma Jeane, and wanted to marry her. There was talk of her moving East to be with him in New York, where he lived, of Norma Jeane possibly studying law at Columbia University, but it must have been apparent to him that she was unlikely to tie herself down just at the moment she was beginning to make headway toward her dream; besides, she had only just divorced first husband James Dougherty. As Norma Jeane said in a letter to a friend in late 1946, she was “a little bit leery about this marriage business now and besides at the studio they want me single at least until I have become well known (when and if!).”

De Dienes photographed Marilyn once again in 1949, when she was in New York promoting the Marx brothers movie Love Happy. The shots he took at Tobey Beach are vintage fresh-faced Marilyn, cavorting on the beach in a white one-piece swimsuit. On this occasion, though, Marilyn rejected his attempts to rekindle their love affair, preferring to stay faithful to her then beau, Johnny Hyde. The last time they met was on Marilyn’s thirty-fifth birthday, at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.