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Taiwo and Kehinde Lijadu, better known as The Lijadu Sisters, are the much loved Nigerian singer-songwriters. Born in Jos - northern Nigeria - in 1948 the pair sang and wrote songs from a young age and later established themselves as session singers. By the time they were 20, their beautiful voices and unique sound helped them get ahead, even in a music industry whose best-known stars - Sunny Ade, Fela Kuti, Victor Uwaifo, Ayinla Kollington - were men.  At just 20 they had released their first single ‘Iya Mi Jowo’ (“mother please”). The track 'Danger’ was released in 1976 on an album of the same name. On the surface at lease it’s about a 'dangerous lover’, but it might also be said to address broader contexts (compare it to Fela’s 'Zombie’, also released in 1976, an eviscerating take on army and police abuse of power). A little known about 'Danger’ is that it has a bridge which is almost identical to the one used by Jamaican duo Althea and Donna on their international hit ’Uptown Top Ranking’ (1975) and Trinity’s ’Three Piece Suit’ (1977). The Sisters say the influence is a matter of coincidence, 'something that was in the air at the time’.


temidollface - Pata Pata

Absolutely love the new look of Afrobeats from this lady. The video is ingenious also! Currently on repeat!


Fela Kuti - Teacher Don’t Teach Me No Nonsense


African Parables by Yinka Ilori

Remember Grandma’s old sofa with the mallard duck fabric that you chucked off at the nearest dumpster years ago? Maybe its stacked atop some landfill…or maybe Yinka Illori saved it from its wasted wretches and breathed new life into it—a la Victor Frankenstein—in one of his playful Nigerian-inspired designs. 

Deeply aware and passionately against the unnecessary waste of modern consumer societies, Yinka Ilori saves unwanted or damaged furniture, so that he can rehabilitate and beautify them for future use while giving them a hint of his signature spin on traditional Nigerian parables and African fabrics that he grew up with as a child.

All of his work is available to purchase directly through him and a selection of online boutiques in London.

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AFRO JUJU vol.2, the second part of my podcast series dedicated to the african psychedelic sounds from the 60s/70s. A trip to  Nigeria, South Africa, Benin, Congo, Togo…

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