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Have you mastered any languages other than your native tongue? Would you like to?

If the answer to at least one of those questions is a ‘yes’, this is a place for you!

I’m looking for people from all around the World that would like to share their knowledge about languages that they use daily and do it in a simple, logical and actually, the correct way, unlike the standard textbooks that people of all ages lose hours mulling over!

Why you should give it a go?

There is a great deal of reasons for learning a new language, it

  • improves your employability
  • makes you discover a new culture 
  • increases your brain power
  • is bound to impress more than a few people around you ;)
  • and helps you become more open-minded 

Also, by joining the Get Fluent! Network you have a chance to meet new people and develop life-long friendships all around the globe even before you go abroad.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this social project of mine, please reblog this post and tag it with the language you are fluent in (English counts as well!)


Some Awesome Pics Of Hanna Barbera Studios In The 90s featuring:

Van Partible : Creator Of Johnny Bravo

Genndy Tartakovsky : Creator Of Dexter’s Laboratory

Craig McCracken : Creator Of The Powerpuff Girls

David Feiss : Creator Of Cow And Chicken

Butch Hartman : Eventual Creator Of The Fairly OddParents

Seth MacFarlane : Eventual Creator Of Family Guy