vintage movie ads


Clara Bow, the “It” girl. 1927

(Clara with William Austin, Clara with Antonio Moreno, Clara with Elinor Glyn, and Clara on her own).

~ photos from Modern Screen, Screenland and (top)J.Willis Sayre Collection


This psychedelic movie theater refreshment ad from Pepsi from the late 1960s and early 1970s is so trippy you don’t need drugs. 

Vintage Movie Advertisements

We recently received a collection of great film advertisements that really blur the line between form and function. The three here are for films released in 1932. The movable features make perfect fodder for animated GIFs. It makes one wonder if these were put together by hand and how many were made.

“Strictly Dishonorable”

“Lady With a Past”

“Fireman Save My Child”

Bobbed Hair’s 20 different authors. Each wrote a chapter and the next author had to build on the story… i’d love to find the book! 

(The film starred Marie Prevost and featured Louise Fazenda as well. A copy exists, but is not available to the public.)

  • George Agnew Chamberlain - Novelist
  • George Barr McCutcheon - Novelist
  • Robert Gordon Anderson - Short story writer
  • George P. Putnam - Publisher of the novel
  • Alexander Woollcott - Critic and essayist (The Man Who Came to Dinner)
  • Meade Minnigerode - Co-writer of “The Whiffenpoof Song”
  • John V. A. Weaver - Poet
  • Kermit Roosevelt - Theodore Roosevelt’s son
  • Dorothy Parker - Poet / Story writer / Dramatist
  • Louis Bromfield - Novelist
  • Gerald Mygatt - Journalist
  • Carolyn Wells - Comic poet / Mystery writer
  • Rube Goldberg - Cartoonist
  • Bernice Brown - Journalist
  • Wallace Irwin - Novelist
  • Frank Craven - Playwright / Actor
  • H. C. Witwer - Comic novelist
  • Elsie Janis - Vaudeville star / Author
  • Edward Streeter - Author (Father of the Bride)
  • Sophie Kerr - Novelist