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ID #84965

Name: Katie
Age: 18
Country: Australia

Hey all. I’m looking for a pen pal because I’d like to branch out and talk to some interesting people! I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work (first year) because I’m interested in human rights and equity, with a big focus on teens/young adults with mental health issues and bullying. I’m also a massive nerd and love binge-watching TV shows (Doctor Who, Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad) to name a few. Also a huge lover of many movies. I love vintage fashion/makeup especially during the 60’s and 20’s. I love taking pictures of things I find aesthetically pleasing. I love dogs. I love Vincent van Gogh’s artwork. I enjoy rock music, mainly. I’m trying to be a more positive person in life one step at a time. Hope to chat with some of you soon!

Preferences: I would prefer someone older than 16. Atm I’m looking for emails/social media but would love to eventually send cute letters to my penpals once i get to know them :)!!


That Time When Apple Dropped A Clothing Line

Holy swag, Batman. The year was 1986 and apple was apparently feeling lavish as they went ahead and dropped this fire flames collection of men’s, women’s AND kid’s wear branded with their branding.  Aside from the popped collar yacht boys shot, I’d rock just about anything in this glorious photo set.  This is the kind of find that nets you praise from not only your Van Huesen errthang yuppie friends you befriended in college, to the tatted bartender at the trendy cocktail joint you took Bae to just to show her how cultured and unaffected by $15 moscow mules you are.

All joking aside, one could pull some pieces from this collection and insert it into a pretty solid look for today.  Think about it, that crispy white crewneck with the computer outline paired with some denim and NBs? Dope.  That navy hat with the multi colored apple over a denim shirt and white tee? Dope, again. Lets ignore the fact that this is just as ridiculous now as it was then, and lets scour ebay only to pay way too much for that teal crewneck with the oversized “Apple” text just so we can rock it in unison with our new Apple watch. 

- Steven | 03.27.15