vintage mens jewelry


Gorgeus Georgians.

This coat dates from the 1770s and is silk and linen with extensive embroidery and metallic thread. It’s a court suit designed to impress and it most definitely does. The paste jewels would have glittered in the candle light and the wearer of this waistcoat would have worn a jacket and pair of breeches just as ornate.


Harrisburg Telegraph, Pennsylvania, March 8, 1940

Rhett Butler “Gone With the Wind” Jewelry

Hickok key chain with stone pendant. Massive in design… in key with today’s style trend, $2.50.
Tie Clip, styled as musket vintage of ‘61 …. $1
Saber Tie Clip by Hickok with Alligator Grip … $1
Hickok Chain Tie Clip in authentic design … with picture locket … $1.50

See this smart new Hickok jewelry… as masculine as this dashing hero… as gallant as his times. Right in style today as it was in the ‘60′s.

I really wish I could find this in a higher resolution. Collection of men’s jewelry from 18th century Saxony. Very clearly court jewelry. 

Starting at the bottom right, moving left.

  • Sword & sheath
  • Frockcoat (also sometimes called a justacorps) buttons
  • Shoe buckles 
  • Breech buckles. These would be attached to a strap on the bottom of the breeches. This strap had replaced the garter
  • Waistcoat buttons (above the breech buckles). It’s possible that both the waistcoat buttons and frockcoat buttons were there just for show, and next to those buttons were smaller, more functional ones (you don’t want to lose a diamond button as it pops off).
  • Pendant? 
  • Brooch
  • Chatelaine (top left). Chatelaines attached to waist, and on each end of the chain useful household items would be attached. Women’s chatelaines had things like thimbles, scissors, keys, etc. A man’s chatelaine might hold keys, a watch, or a seal. This was later replaced by the stopwatch chain.
  • Next to it is what also looks like a chatelaine, though a smaller one. This may have connected to a pocket in the waistcoat for a watch there, while the longer one was for the waist? I’m not sure on that.

While this collection is extremely extravagant with it’s use of diamonds, paste jewelry was also extremely popular, and someone who couldn’t afford real gems (or even semi-precious gems) might use paste jewelry instead.