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Fic: I Want To Hold Your Hand

My contribution to the Klaine Book Project 2015. I had the opportunity to work with the amazing animateglee on this, and she created some beautiful art which can be found here. Our theme was vintage!Klaine, so have some 60s Beatlemania…

“It’s definitely George.”

“You’re crazy. How can you say anyone but Paul?”

Blaine shakes his head in amusement and sticks his hands in his pockets, walking backwards along the empty street in front of Kurt. “You’re just saying that to upset me. I know you.”

Kurt scoffs and tilts his head back to look at the stars peeking through the clouds above. “It’s Paul.”

“Kurt!” Blaine stops on the spot and Kurt nearly walks into him. “Look, Paul is cool and all, but George is without doubt the sexiest member of the band. End of discussion.”

Blaine is looking at him challengingly, but Kurt simply shakes his head at him and brushes past to keep ambling along. After a couple of seconds Blaine is at his side again, and starts to whistle the chorus of Help!

They’re jumping up and down like crazy, signing at the top of their voices to the lyrics they know so well. Kurt crashes into Blaine’s side and laughs, grabbing onto his shoulder to keep himself steady, completely unconcerned about their proximity or the way their shoulders are pressed against each other. The park is so packed that no one can see them enough to care, everyone already too engrossed in the concert and the music.

“That concert was really boss. I wish we could go back.” Kurt sighs and bumps his shoulder into Blaine’s. “Favourite song they did?”

Blaine is quite for a moment, remembering, then hums a melody that Kurt would recognise anywhere.

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“Prince!Blaine flirting with Kurt whilst blanking a very annoyed Rachel (maybe Santana flirting with someone in the background?))” you said prince and I thought WHY NOT DOWNTON IT UP

(just a heads up, most of the next gazillion awesome prompts are from Erin I don’t know how she thinks of this stuff, she gave me so many and such good ones ^^)

Fic: Brooding And Blissful




A/N: For Klaine AU Fridays, Vintage!Klaine. Kurt and Blaine go to Woodstock and find peace among the turmoil of the 60’s. This was meant to be silly, then it turned into something else. Sorry? Title from my ongoing fixation with Walt Whitman.


He’d lost track of Blaine somewhere between visiting the (horrible, disgusting, traumatized for life) portable toilets and the walk back to the main stage. It was dark and crowded and Kurt’s stomach knotted and lurched as he stood on his toes and scanned the crowd, partially lit up by the artificial lights of the stage. 

Panic rose quickly as the rapid fire pulse of a sitar and drum filled the air, the masses of people swaying and twirling and dancing in the night. He hadn’t really wanted to come to this festival in the first place, it was not his scene, not his thing. He loved music, lived and breathed music, but not like this. With the mud and the chaos and the drugs and now- the rain. 

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Klaine AU Friday: Vintage. WWII Blitz

In the WWII London Blitz Kurt and Blaine are American volunteers hiding out in a shelter during a raid, making the most of spending some time alone together.

The evening air was crisp as Kurt and Blaine walked slowly back to their stations. There were very few people out and about on the streets as it got later and the houses were quiet.

They walked slowly past a pile of rubble that had once been someone’s house, a place filled with cherished possessions and life and laughter. Now it was just bricks and debris in the street, a shadow hanging over the neighbourhood as a reminder at what was always coming.

A young woman pushing a pram smiled at them as they passed, they grinned back warmly. They had gotten to know a few people around this area after their few months being stationed in this part of London, it made coming abroad a lot easier for them.

The silence of the night was broken suddenly by the wail of the air raid siren piercing the air.

‘I thought it was too quiet tonight.’ Kurt murmured, looking up at the sky as if he expected German bombers to appear above them instantly.

‘Come on.’ Blaine said, grabbing Kurt’s arm and pulling him towards one of the dark houses and through to the garden. ‘Mrs. Thompson is staying with her sister by the sea, her shelter will be empty.’

Kurt didn’t argue, he just let Blaine lead the way and followed him into the shelter, securing the door behind them. He fumbled in the dark for a few moments until Blaine struck a match and lit the couple of lanterns that were hanging by the door.

Even after all his training and the few months he had spent here the air raid sirens still sent chills up Kurt’s spine. He rubbed his hands over his arms as goosebumps began to break out under his jacket.

He stopped suddenly when he noticed Blaine staring at him.

‘What?’ He asked, though he could tell by the intensity of Blaine’s gaze exactly what he was thinking.

‘It’s been almost two weeks since we’ve managed to be alone Kurt.’ Blaine replied, his voice so low it was almost a growl.

‘It’s too dangerous Blaine.’ Kurt hissed. ‘We can’t risk being caught.’

Blaine closed the gap between them and pulled Kurt towards him, pressing his lips against Kurt’s in a desperate kiss, wasting no time in pushing his tongue into Kurt’s mouth.

Kurt moaned deeply and lay down on the bed, pulling Blaine on top of him. Blaine was right, it had been far too long since they had been together and he couldn’t wait to feel Blaine’s naked skin flush against his own.

They stripped quickly, leaving their uniforms in a messy heap upon the floor.

Kurt ducked his head and sucked Blaine’s nipple between his lips, worrying it gently between his teeth. Blaine hissed and raked his nails over Kurt’s bare shoulders bucking his hips.

Kurt turned them both over so he was now lying on top of Blaine, spreading Blaine’s legs so he could lie between them. He rolled his hips and captured Blaine’s lips in a deep kiss, cutting off the moan that had been about to escape Blaine’s mouth.

They thrust together, letting their hips take control and leaving their hands free to explore the others body, finding the sensitive spots they remembered from the last time and spurring their lover to towards the brink.

Far too quickly for either of them it was all over. They lay on the bed sticky and spent, listening to chaos outside.

‘I love you Kurt.’ Blaine mumbled into Kurt’s neck as he licked and sucked at the sensitive pulse point.

‘Ugh, don’t say that.’ Kurt said with a groan, he couldn’t handle that right then.

‘But I do.’ Blaine whispered against his skin, trailing his tongue along after a bead of sweat that was trickling down to Kurt’s shoulder.

Kurt place one hand on each side of Blaine’s face and made the other soldier look at him.

‘And what happens when we go back to Ohio?’

Blaine reached up and took one of Kurt’s hands in his own, placing a kiss on the palm before caressing it with his thumb.

‘Then we find a nice two bedroom place somewhere quiet and live as bachelors. We’ll have occasional imaginary girlfriends from a different town that no one will ever get to meet and throw parties. People will think we’re charming and we can grow old together.’

The unashamedly hopeful look in Blaine’s eyes was too much for Kurt to bare, he was almost about to dismiss the fantasy for what it was when a bomb dropped so close by the earth around them shook.

Kurt gasped and pulled Blaine closer to him. Blaine comforted him by placing soft kisses across his face while gently stroking his chest.

Maybe a fantasy wasn’t so bad after all, Kurt thought, something nice to focus on while they fought in this war. And it was a better plan for his future then any he had had himself. And there wasn’t a part of him that didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with Blaine.

‘What if people suspect?’ He asked.

‘Then we don’t invite them to our parties.’ Blaine grinned, making Kurt laugh.

‘We could still be fighting in this war for years yet.’ Kurt said. Blaine just smiled softly and lent up to place a chaste kiss against his lips.

‘I can wait. You’re worth waiting for Kurt.’

1960s!Klaine preview

“Nah, that was it.” Blaine shrugged.  “Go have fun with your Irish boy.”

“Give me some sugar for luck?”

“Always.” He laughed, kissing her mouth gently; Kurt felt slightly uncomfortable, watching them kiss.  One might think he was jealous, but of what, he’d never say.  

Blaine broke off the kiss, and patted Sugar away, back to where she came from.  He grinned at Kurt as soon as Sugar was far enough away.  “She’s a sweetheart, ain’t she?”

Kurt frowned at him.  “She your girl?”

“What?” Blaine laughed, like he couldn’t believe Kurt would think that.  “Nooo!  No, I don’t have a girl.  I ain’t–I ain’t going steady with anybody.”

“But you kissed her!”

“I kiss a lot of people,” Blaine purred, and Kurt felt the heat rush to his cheeks.  “I’d kiss you, too, if you wanted to.”

Kurt nearly fell over.