vintage jewelry


Pomander and Chain, 1620. Gilded silver. 6,3 cm high. German. Via wartski

Six segments released by a screw-down turning finial, engraved with the names AVGSTEIN B (Amber), NAGELEN B (Cloves), ANNIS B (Anise), MEIRAEN B (Possibly Myrrh), KANNEEL B (Cinnamon), MVSKATEN B (Nutmeg). The B after each substance is referring to Balsam.

Martha Washington’s mourning jewelry. On the death of George Washington in 1799 she had a snippet of his hair put in this locket. When she died a snippet of her hair was added. 

Mourning jewelry was a fairly common thing in the 18th century though they didn’t always have snippets of hair. Quite often they were images of the deceased. They could also be other things like rings with snippets of hair in them.