vintage identification

Photo of Anna May Wong from her Certificate of Identity issued in 1924.

Chinese entering or residing in the U.S. were required to carry a government-issued Certificate of Identity at all times. Even movie stars like Anna May Wong were subject to the law known as the Chinese Exclusion Act. [x]

Seamen’s Identification Card for Luis Fernando Acosta, 2/5/1926

Series: Seamen’s Identification Cards, 1917 - 1922Record Group 41: Records of the Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation, 1774 - 1982

Dated 90 years ago, this Seamen’s Identification Card is from a series held by the National Archives at Boston, consisting of retained or duplicate copies of cards issued as permits for seamen departing from or arriving at the port of Boston.  Information in each record includes certificate number, date of issuance, name of seaman, age and place of birth, parents’ birthplace, naturalization data, physical description, photograph, left thumb print, and signature. Name and nationality of vessel is also included. Some cards contain additional information on visas issued or subsequent arrivals and departures.