vintage i guess


there’s a lot of negativity on my dash, so i thought i’d lighten things up the only way i know how: by sharing random bits of positivity. above is a picture of my cat, captain jack, alongside a boquet of flowers.


Cloud nine was another time, even as the sentiment remains in ever bigger highway signs, but you can still collect the scenes just after everything changed — for better or worse. 

It’s always so hard to tell.

Each time things started to happen again, the highway grew. A little hope at the rise of the Interstate, then the realization that the business moved away. What went wrong? 

Sometimes you might even get sad at all this change.

How to fit in when the people have left the back roads behind? Who wants to look for new places when the twisting tarmac has shunned you? It’s not for lack of brains. It just does no good to try. 

Secondary roads are a desert now. But some things you never leave behind.

There are tens of thousands of photos like these. Put a frame on a few and you fashion something resembling memory — dreams of travel and the possibility to indulge one’s shy mind. Always out on the road.

Little gestures that blink like a bulb on a soon-to-die sign.

What’s it all about?

I guess I just wasn’t made for these times.  

Motel motto.

Horizon 23, cover by Nick Spender.  Published 2002.

For the longest time, I wasn’t sure this even existed.  Most lists of the Horizon fanzine stop at issue 22.  When this popped up with no photo on eBay, I thought the odds were good that it was a mis-listing (either the wrong issue number given, or issue #23 of the Horizon Magazine.)  But as you can see, it’s real.

Horizon is one of the most highly regarded of the Blake’s 7 fanzines.  Produced in Britain, most issues are digest-sized and professionally printed, with good-quality gen fanfic.  #23 has four stories: Mitri by Marion Edwards, Swansong by Harriet Bazley, A Perfect Balance by Marian de Haan, and Regeneration by Marion Edwards.

Horizon in general is worth getting.  Some of the stories are meh, of course (tastes vary from fan to fan), but it’s usually not terrible.  Probably the only thing to watch out for is the fact that the earlier, A4 sized issues tend to have fading, making reading an exercise in eyestrain.

“The first time I saw them after they got divorced, you swore you still thought they were married, nothing changes, their looks, the way they greeted each other.”

 - Bob Hope

The Breakfast Club is a personal favorite. I really like films that capture that kind of like…old look. Vintage I guess? Molly Ringwald still looks cute even now. Idk how she does it. 10/10 would hold hands.