Katharine Hepburn, 1936

“But, you see, there was a whole attitude that went with those old films, and you can’t imitate it… And I think I understand why you can’t do them, because the madness of that era, the people, were like nothing anybody’s ever heard of. They’re lethargic today compared to then; they were vital. It’s all so heavy today, by comparison. Then they were light and frivolous and silly and wicked and funny. And it was all done with wit. Today there is no wit.”  - Hepburn speaking to John Kobal in 1983 in his book People Will Talk


Satin Column Gown, 1954

Designed by Edith Head

Worn by Grace Kelly to the premier of The Country Girl, then again at the 1955 Academy Awards when she won Best Actress for the same film. At the time, it was the most expensive Oscar dress in history due the the high quality silk which cost $4,000. In 1956, she wore the gown on the cover of Life magazine.

via Montreal Gazette