vintage high waisted skirt

Marie Sophie Wilson, Lynne Koester and Tatjana Patitz in Comme des Garçons. Photo Peter Lindbergh in Le Touquet, France 1987.

Haley, 27

“I’m wearing a high-waisted 40s long skirt, a burgundy turtleneck, vintage German shoes, Chinese pajamas, a Naga ceremonial necklace, a Turkish carpet bag; and day old Halloween make-up. My style is inspired by old Hollywood, mid-century explorers, old hippies of Mendocino, and my husband. I love contrasting big patterns, fabrics that are damaged and decayed, and anything that makes me feel magical.”

Oct 29, 2016 ∙ Russian Hill

anonymous asked:

I really like your style tag! How would you describe what your style is and what do you think are essentials? I'm trying to refresh my style and yours is definitely inspiring to me!

thank you, i rly like talking about style so this might be long lol. i’d definitely say my style is bohemian but i like to take a simplistic approach to it. i think that’s why i like jewelry & shoes and stuff so much, because i mostly express my style through these small elements. my essentials are high waisted jeans / shorts / denim skirts (vintage is more flattering on curves, and i like light-medium wash), off the shoulder tops & dresses, basic bodysuits, slip / cami / wrap / sundresses dresses, overalls, comfy shoes (my brown leather birkenstocks are my go-to shoes for comfort), sandals that lace up the leg, heeled mule sandals, tiny gold jewelry, something vintage like navajo turquoise, western belts, & a statement bag (chloé faye or 70s inspired round bag are my favorites)! i have a style pinterest that i pin things on, you should get one to help inspire you :-)