vintage high waisted skirt

Marie Sophie Wilson, Lynne Koester and Tatjana Patitz in Comme des Garçons. Photo Peter Lindbergh in Le Touquet, France 1987.

Black x ivory classic combination~

I attempted rag curls for the first time and threw together this coord to try out the look. These are on the second day–they stay in surprisingly well.

All Mary Magdalene except shoes and socks, which are AatP and BtSSB, respectively.

Haley, 27

“I’m wearing a high-waisted 40s long skirt, a burgundy turtleneck, vintage German shoes, Chinese pajamas, a Naga ceremonial necklace, a Turkish carpet bag; and day old Halloween make-up. My style is inspired by old Hollywood, mid-century explorers, old hippies of Mendocino, and my husband. I love contrasting big patterns, fabrics that are damaged and decayed, and anything that makes me feel magical.”

Oct 29, 2016 ∙ Russian Hill

anonymous asked:

Is there anything you 100% should not do when trying to get a job as a stripper or when you are just starting off?

1. Don’t come across as a princess. House mothers look after 80+ princesses on a Friday/Saturday night, don’t give them any reason to think that you’re just going to create more issues for them. On a side note: For every dancer that management ask to leave because they cause trouble, there will always be 10 more ready and willing to be your replacement. Don’t give them a reason to regret hiring you.

2. Don’t restrict yourself. Be flexible with the hours you are willing to work, day/night shift, volunteer when the club advertises for events and shows. Management sees those who put themselves out there and are more inclined to help you out. Even if this is your second job, offer to take on an extra shift if the club is short on girls one day because they will remember it and return the favour one day when you need to leave early for a family emergency.

3. Don’t wear the standard black pants/skirt and white shirt for the interview, but don’t go too casual. Mix it up and show your fun side. Adopt this in your costumes too. If the club you work at has a “uniform” then mix it up a bit and make it your own. My cub has a dress code where fake tan is highy recommended and we have to wear a bikini, matching G, and a skirt (nearly every girl has the same outfit, just in a different colour) so I started doing my hair in victory rolls and wore a vintage style bikini with a high waisted skirt and I soon became known in Melbourne as the pinup girl on King Street.

4. Don’t be boring in your interview. Managers don’t want to employ girls who take themselves too seriously and want girls who are fun to be around. The employees are a reflection of the club so if you’re boring, then the club is boring and no one will come back. Make sure you keep a smile on your face and remember that there is nothing less attractive than someone who can’t laugh at themselves.

5. Don’t steal anyone else’s stuff. Two things can come from this: you’ll get a one way ticket out the door with no option for redemption, or everyone will know what you did and will make your life difficult. Just don’t do shit like this.

6. Don’t wear everyday make up when you’re working. Many places have an in-house beautician with all the right tools. Talk to them and learn how to do the basic stuff because you don’t want to look like an amateur. The best way to pick out a baby stripper is to look at the way they’ve done their hair and make up, and they will take advantage of it. Take lessons on how to do your hair and make up, buy good quality tools, and you’ll be on your way. Just keep in mind that there is a very fine line between tacky and classy, learn where it is.

7. DO NOT STEAL SOMEONE ELSES CUSTOMERS!!!!! I can’t stress this enough. Most places list it as a rule, but they often don’t enforce it. So even though it might slip past management, you can bet your bottom dollar that the girl who’s customer you stole, and her crew, will take a long time to forgive, and will never forget.

8. Don’t not invest in dancer shoes. Wearing normal heels will put so much unnecessary stress on your feet and dancing shoes are made for dancing for hours all night. They’re the god of high heels.

9. Don’t starve yourself while at work, but make sure you snack on the right foods and space it out through the night. There’s nothing worse than having to look and feel sexy when you feel gross from devouring a pizza, pack of chips, and a vodka raspberry in one sitting.

10. Don’t get involved in club politics. See point 5. 

11. Don’t not follow the rules. Make sure you know what your signing, and ask to keep a copy for you own reference.

12. Don’t sleep with any of the managers. Everyone will know that you’re doing it, think you’re a gold digging whore, and lose respect for you. Not to mention that it can’t save your job if something happens.

13. Don’t gossip to customers about the girls you work with. Customers are temporary, but you have to work with us. Don’t talk shit to customers. It’s not nice, and it will only come back to bite you in the ass.

14. Don’t be a whorophobic bitch. Stand up with the girls you work with, and don’t think of yourself being better than anyone else in the adult industry. Don’t look down on the ladies who offer more just because you don’t, or the girl who drinks herself into a coma to get through the night. Everyone is working there for their own reasons so you shouldn’t be judging them for that. Respect the people who work in the industry and you’ll be respected in return. (Perfect example of having the stripping community turn against you? Check out some of the posts from tabbydarling)

15. Don’t act like you’re top shit as soon as you start. You’re new, and no one knows your name. Know your place, and learn the rules. Prove to us that you’re not just another girl who’s going to pinch our stuff, steal our customers, or get blind drunk and abuse the customers to the point where they don’t want to come back. Strip clubs have a huge turnover of girls so we don’t expect you to stay long. Give us a reason to like you.

Any other advice on what not to do, ladies?