vintage hair ad

Bobbed Hair’s 20 different authors. Each wrote a chapter and the next author had to build on the story… i’d love to find the book! 

(The film starred Marie Prevost and featured Louise Fazenda as well. A copy exists, but is not available to the public.)

  • George Agnew Chamberlain - Novelist
  • George Barr McCutcheon - Novelist
  • Robert Gordon Anderson - Short story writer
  • George P. Putnam - Publisher of the novel
  • Alexander Woollcott - Critic and essayist (The Man Who Came to Dinner)
  • Meade Minnigerode - Co-writer of “The Whiffenpoof Song”
  • John V. A. Weaver - Poet
  • Kermit Roosevelt - Theodore Roosevelt’s son
  • Dorothy Parker - Poet / Story writer / Dramatist
  • Louis Bromfield - Novelist
  • Gerald Mygatt - Journalist
  • Carolyn Wells - Comic poet / Mystery writer
  • Rube Goldberg - Cartoonist
  • Bernice Brown - Journalist
  • Wallace Irwin - Novelist
  • Frank Craven - Playwright / Actor
  • H. C. Witwer - Comic novelist
  • Elsie Janis - Vaudeville star / Author
  • Edward Streeter - Author (Father of the Bride)
  • Sophie Kerr - Novelist

Elegant 1967 Betty Crocker Cake Mix Ad, “Basic White” with 1960s Fashion Models by Classic Film

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />Vintage, elegant 1960s magazine food advertisement with fashion models dressed in white fashions, Betty Crocker Cake Mix, 1967

Tagline: “Basic white, the classically elegant dessert… flavor co-ordinated by Betty Crocker”

Fashions by Tina-Marina at House of Cassini

Published in Family Circle, Nov. 1967, Vol. 71, No. 5.

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