vintage green coat


Hi guys!
Who said you couldn’t wear bright colors in the fall? Its more like a fashion rule than a saying these days. However, orange is one of fall 2014’s most embraced colors, so it may be time to hop on the pop of color train. According to huffposts, emerald, red, powder blue, yellow, pink purple are great colors to wear this season. The usual Beige, pastels and Black are great pairs when wearing those colors. But in my opinion, I think fashion should be about personal style and taste. I can wake up in the morning and decide to wear a popping neon if I feel like it. But that’s just me and how I do things. Lol. Let’s all try to be stylish this season. I will be posting a few pictures of stylish people on the blog to serve as fashion inspiration. 10 people will be chosen to debut their styles on glam chronicles. Yes!! If youre interested, Email me two pictures of your fall look name and inspiration to Don’t be shy! :) xoxo Tank: forever XXI Skirt: Vintage Green Coat: (last fall) Shoes: Christian Louboutin