vintage girdles

There are, of course, blogs which cater for the enthusiast of classic girdles and such paraphenalia. At Bracensure we will confess a passing knowledge of such things. This shot is of interest for a number of reasons. Classic foundation wear in pale pink is somewhat unusual and appeals to our inner girly. Then there is the detail of American Tan stockings, which are a welcome by-product of Uncle Sam’s military-industrial complex. When lingerie comes in such an uncompromisingly attractive package we are left whispering breathlessly “In God We Trust” as the GI fastens his fly and says a courteous “Thank you Ma’am”.

This is a vintage open-bottom girdle from the early 1960s.   The brand is called ‘Secret Lady’  — I’m not making this up!   What an appropriate brand name for me…

Close Match

I have a lot of high quality vintage lingerie items, but rarely do I find a perfect match for an item, unless it’s a pretty generic one.  Such was the nature of mid-20th century lingerie – lots of variety and style.   I did a double take when I saw the model on the left wearing the exact same type of vintage girdle I have.  So I figured I owed it to myself to try to match her pose.   It’s not a perfect match – I lack in the hips department, and she has that cool old bakelite phone whereas I just have a modern smartphone.  Other than that, I’ll let you be the judge.