vintage girdles

This is a vintage open-bottom girdle from the early 1960s.   The brand is called ‘Secret Lady’  — I’m not making this up!   What an appropriate brand name for me…

Close Match

I have a lot of high quality vintage lingerie items, but rarely do I find a perfect match for an item, unless it’s a pretty generic one.  Such was the nature of mid-20th century lingerie – lots of variety and style.   I did a double take when I saw the model on the left wearing the exact same type of vintage girdle I have.  So I figured I owed it to myself to try to match her pose.   It’s not a perfect match – I lack in the hips department, and she has that cool old bakelite phone whereas I just have a modern smartphone.  Other than that, I’ll let you be the judge.


1) Stays, 1700-60, England.

2) Child’s corset, 1820s-30s.

3) Corselette, 1860s-75.

4) Corset, 1880s.

5) Corset, 1890, Belgium.

6) Nursing corset, 1900s, Canada.

7) Corsets in a Sears Roebuck catalog, 1908.

8) Girdle, 1920-25, USA.

9) Bra, 1950-55.

10) Rigby and Peller 1950s-style lingerie worn by Katie Perry, 2009.