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“Micro” miniature radio, USSR, 1965-69. Unlike many advanced Soviet designs, which were produced in a unique copy - for reporting purposes only - and then were placed on shelves of their designers, “Micro” was mass produced in tens of thousands of copies with most of them being exported to the USA and Europe, where they were in great demand. Khrushchev proudly gave this miracle of Soviet microelectronics as presents to his high-ranking colleagues, including Queen Elizabeth II. 


when ur dead but still got some sick moves - @aliceindeathcityblog

ankle makes all the Victorian era boys go “oooooOoo” - @foofoocuddlypoopsgavesokkaapples

(love em both 2 much 4 me to handle)

Anyways we forgot the sunglasses at home and were too lazy to walk back one mile to get it. But conveniently I carried some paint with me so yeah, those are my regular glasses painted black. That’s true dedication right there.

Feel free to use the badly rendered version but please tag me, I wanna see which cool and summer vibery masterpieces you create!

This was heavily inspired by this post by @casualaffaire (we just wanted to mess around and have fun to be honest and we succeeded)

Also hmu if you want prints or postcards, I’ve got a few of em


The Cocktail Computer comes with curated recipe cards for every classic/popular cocktail that can be made from a roster of 24 staple ingredients. 

Just let the computer know what you have in your bar that day, or what ingredients you want to play with, and it will serve you up a recipe card that corresponds. 


Via Eater.