vintage fuzz


I thought that I should share some thoughts; 

1. I will post a pretty solid bit of music, foraging and organic gardening vids, travel photos, and whatever else on a day or night during the weekend. Probably Sundays but it could be sooner depending on work and all. So yeah, for the most part I will blog in a big way once a week on the weekends. Don’t get discouraged by what is coming.

2. I am not into astrology or digital sound for that matter (much of the sounds and tones as well as even instruments don’t appear outside of the analogue), but this above album consists of a GREAT psychedelic realm of music. If someone were to ask what does psychedelic music sound like or even, what would be a great starter LP for a psychedelic music collection?- This is a great example to answer both questions with. It is loaded with exotic beautiful mysterious soundscapes. 

If anyone asked about acid rock well here is one that has not been posted here in a bit:

I am still waiting for the lady to watch the sunset with to this one; still single… even now.

And if asked about a great reference to a Brit psych LP I would go with the drug-free here…

… and that’s not all folks…

If someone like yourself asked, “Hey Dust was there any acid rock in the Midwest in the late 60s?”

and such an answer could perhaps come from the last post here as well. I consider it to contain the greatest guitar solo of the psychedelic era. 

Remember… don’t do drugs… unless if music be your choice;) 

You will hear back from me on the weekends. Peace.