vintage furnishing


Good wood - straight out of a scene from Mad Men, vintage styling makes this drinks cabinet come record player the ultimate in classy accessories for any discerning retro fashionista. Introducing the rather delectable ‘EGB2’ console from Luno.

ARTISTIC RETREAT: At the Hamptoms getaway of powerhouse gallery owner Dominque Levy and movie producer Dorothy Berwin, the architecture, the furniture, and even the trees are all part of the aesthetic vision - photography: Oberto Gili - text: Arthur Lubow - styling: Michael Reynolds - AD December 2016

  • “The living room features artworks by, from left Anselm Reyle, Ugo Rondinone, and Zhu Junshi. Furnishings include a Rick Owens double reclaimer, a vintage Vladimir Kagan sofa, wooly 1940s French slipper chairs, a 1950s cocktail table by Rainer Roland, and a vintage Gino Sarfatti chandelier.”
Not Quite Lovers

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 2187

Characters: Magnus x reader, Catarina (mentioned)

Warnings: A little angsty, injuries to reader and Magnus

Summary: You and Magnus are friends and occasional lovers. When he gets hurt, you get an early morning phone call.

It was ridiculously late when your phone went off. Or rather, ridiculously early.

When you grabbed it and saw the caller ID, you stifled a groan of frustration before you answered.

“Magnus. We have had this conversation before. Modern technology is a miracle, but that does not mean you get to call me at three in the morning. Some of us have lives that don’t involve the Shadowhunters, you know.”

“I wouldn’t call you unless I was desperate,” he said dismissively on the other end.

“Sure,” you snorted. “I’ve heard that before. Listen, Magnus, I really would love to help you, but it’s been a long day…”

“I’m not asking much, honestly.”

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Halfway, Chapter 3

A/N: Hey guys!💕 It’s been awhile and I’ve been ITCHING to get back at writing this! So, the rest of the story is going to be a more modern/everyone-has-an-actual-job-and-life AU, unlike the first two which were inukag childhood AUs. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!  (ノ・ω・)ノ ❤ ❤ ❤

[Ch. 1] - [Ch. 2]  

The birds were loud. The birds were so goddamn loud. They woke me up before I even had a chance to attempt to sleep through my alarm clock, let alone come up with a lie to my wife about why I had to call in “sick” for work today.

Neither would’ve worked anyways; she’s always on my ass about stop being lazy and you have to go to work today! Or sometimes she wouldn’t say anything at all. She would just give me this look that made me both grunt and shiver at the same time. I hated it.

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1970s Future…from 1961

TV viewers of the 1970s will see their programs on sets quite different from today’s, if designs now being worked out are developed. At the Home Furnishings Market in Chicago, Illinois, on June 21, 1961, a thin TV screen is a feature of this design model. Another feature is an automatic timing device which would record TV programs during the viewers’ absence to be played back later. The 32x22-inch color screen is four inches thick. (AP Photo/Edward Kitch) - Via