vintage french posters

‘Le passe-muraille’ a.k.a. ‘Mr. Peek-a-Boo- Felix Labisse illustration detail from the French movie poster for the film, Le Passe Muraille, 1951, directed by Jean Boyer.

A civil servant who can walk through the walls falls in love with a girl and pretends to be a thief. Arrested, he manages to escape, confesses his love and discovers he has lost his gift.


The Seasons / F. Champenois. 1900. Alphonse Mucha.

Each: 12 x 27 ¼ in./30.5 x 69.2 cm

Of the three “Seasons” sets which Mucha created for Champenois, this is the most introspective: a tour de force, reaching beyond the decorative and into the subconscious. Winter is bundled up, seductive, anticipating; Spring has some serious erotic business in mind. Summer, with her loose blouse and lifted skirt, glances over her shoulder: “no time to waste.” Autumn arrives, dripping in Byzantine majesty. This is the Champenois variant on silk, three of which are framed on their original display bars.

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