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Postcard by S Bompard by totallymystified

Printed in Italy.


DRESS : Voodoo Vixen Autumn/Winter 2017 - Veronica Pencil Dress
SHOES: Dolce by Mojo Moxy
BAG: Vintage

Voodoo Vixen has done it again!! And this time they’ve collaborated with one of the first pin-up fashion bloggers I ever found Miss Victory Violet <3 🙌🏾

This stunning, plaid (squee!~), bow accented dress with cuffs & pleated back is figure flattering & very comfy. Can’t say the same about these shoes sadly. VV doesn’t carry XS, & I recommend sizing down if you’re in between. I’m not wearing any shape wear which I tend to do for my wiggle dress otherwise it’d look a lot “neater” as the fabric is on the thinner side.

I really liked these pictures, the outtakes were CRAZY though lolol I might post them but I’m already spamming these since I definitely feel like a total vixen in this dress .


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