vintage exam

If exams are taking over your life because you’re putting too much pressure on yourself and making you want to die and question your purpose and giving you identity issues clap your hands

I am absolutely in love with my 2010 edition of A Handmaid’s Tale! My pet peeve is when publishers turn film and tv posters into book covers, so I had to search high and low to find this one due to the new series out at the moment on Hulu and Channel 4! (Shout out to for hooking me up!) Can’t wait to start this one as a treat for after exams!
~for those of you asking I had my first one today and will be finished on the 22nd June!~

30.06.17 || only 3 weeks left of school! All my exams are over now but here are some pretty headers I made in my bullet journal for topics to revise 🌻

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28.7.15 || 19:08
so I found out today that my ap gov final is a week earlier than I thought it was, so naturally I flipped tf out and wrote six pages of notes.
my brother was then concerned by this behavior and took me to this rad sunflower field near our house in washington.