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Name: Natalia
Age: 17
Country: Poland

Hello 🐙
I don’t know how to start, I think it’s pretty hard to put yourself and feelings in few words. Who am I? I’m a girl that has a lot of dreams, I have two dogs (idk if they’re actually dogs)- yorkies, I have my own collection of cactus, I love old fashion (yeah vintage stuff), 50s mood, James Dean, Leonardo DiCaprio, melons, coffee. I travel a lot and I think a lot. I was born in 2000 so in millennium- year that was supposed to be the end of the world so I’m kind of proud of that I survived 😂
I always wanted to have a pen pal because it gives you opportunity to open yourself to people that you actually don’t know.
Anyway, if you wanna write about movies, existential stuff, your crush, fashion idk anything- just write.
Natalia :)

Preferences: Someone full of thoughts and near my age ;)


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