vintage el paso

Link: El Paso Chapter 2: A Three-Jump Cowboy

Yeaaah, sorry about the long wait!

I mean with all the Richonne goodness going on in the show, I kinda got distracted. :)

I hope you enjoy this chapter! I’m currently revising the next chapter where we’ll get another Richonne interaction. Cross our fingers, that should be up soon!

Also, I hope you like the cover! I got the inspiration from a vintage El Paso postcard I saw online and added my own Richonne twist to it. Took me a while but I think it came out alright. :) 

Special thanks to my beta, @michonnesbooty. She kicked my butt into gear and I am ever so grateful. Thanks!

Anyway, thank you sooooo much for all your support and reviews! All the love and interest has certainly helped boost my creativity! Can’t wait to hear from you again!