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Marisa Berenson wearing a bronze-dore dinner dress by Eloise Curtis for David Styne and earrings by Regina Novelty. Vogue 1967. Photos by Gianni Penati

Mary Quant with her husband Alexander Plunket Greene as they view a model wearing a pleated pinafore dress in their Bazaar boutique shop at 46 Brompton Road in Knightsbridge, London in 1964.


FilePhoto0121 by File Photo Digital Archive

fashion designer Caroline Charles (right) chooses her latest teenage collection for shows in the USA, helped by her assistant Venetia Cunningham at her Maddox Street boutique in London, June 2, 1965. Photo by Chris Ware


Kleinanzeige von Photographische Apparate von Max Killig in Dresden, 1900 by altpapiersammler

British fashion designer Caroline Charles at her Maddox Street boutique and fashion studio in London, 1964. Photo by Chris Ware