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Satisfied - Stiles Stilinski

Summary: Based of the song Satisfied from Hamilton: An American Musical 

You can listen here. If you haven’t listened to Hamilton you are really missing out. 

Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Word Count: 1,247

Author’s Note: It’s been a little minute since I posted something. I had an epiphany for this while I was driving listening to Hamilton. I kind of rushed some of this. I really just wanted to get this posted for Teen Wolf Tuesday. I still think it’s good. 

Also some of the words in here are lyrics from Satisfied written by the incredibly talented cinnamon roll Lin-Manuel Miranda. 

Warnings: ends sad for reader, ending is extremely cheesy (sorry… I’m not sorry) 


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“To the groom,” you said as your raised your glass,
“To the bride,” as you did the same towards your sister Lydia

You loved your sister more than anything in this world, but being a twin sucked sometimes. You were smart, but Lydia was smarter. You were popular, but Lydia was the queen bee. Even though you were fraternal twins, most people assumed that you were identical. Ha. You were beautiful. But it always seemed like Lydia got just a smidge more of good looks than you. Even with boys. You liked a boy, but of course he had to like your sister. You weren’t sure what he saw in her. You weren’t trying to be mean, but when you’re in the 3rd grade and you have a twin sister that is almost exactly like you, it’s hard to understand what made Stiles Stilinski fall for Lydia. 

In the 3rd grade, you still thought boys were gross. They dug up bugs from the ground & picked their noses. What was there to like? But that all changed the summer after 7th grade year. Stiles was even more of an awkward spaz than he was now (thanks puberty), but there was something about the mole faced boy that had you look twice at him. 

Of course he didn’t notice you. And your sister didn’t notice him. But there you were. Crushing after the one boy who only had eyes for your younger (by ten minutes) twin sister. Oh the irony.  Or was it irony? Lydia would probably know. She is the prodigy child going to MIT in the fall.  

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Production Designer Arwel Wyn Jones shares some of his recommendations for getting the look of Sherlock, the BBC’s phenomenally successful remix of Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novels starring  Benedict Cumberbatch.

The fictional flat at 221B Baker Street has won many fans as the strangely stylish bachelor pad of Sherlock Holmes. Jones spends months sourcing, mainly second-hand, furniture before artfully assembling the interiors at the studio in Cardiff. The most striking thing about Jones’ set is the remarkable attention to detail - tiny pictures are crammed around the house, plenty of maps, books and sheet music cover the surfaces, and dotted around the living room are vintage Guns and Ammo magazines.

But it’s the  interiors of Sherlock’s London home that has been attracting attention, with its distinctive blend of modern and Victorian furniture.

The accessories are eclectic and replete with tongue-in-cheek British iconography, including framed maps of the British Isles and vintage style Union Jack cushions. Mrs Hudson’s tea set of Alice in Wonderland was originally designed for Tate Liverpool by Ali Miller, but is still available. Miller’s Home Sweet Home design of Britain and Ireland makes a regular appearance.  A design classic since release in 1996, the Bang and Olufsen BeoSound 9000 now looks vintage with its six-CD multi-changer unit, mounted on the wall in Sherlock’s bedroom.

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