vintage crochet doily

Vintage Crochet

Almost every Sunday, my Mum heads down to this little market by the coast that sells everything from chipped china tea cups and plates, to copper pots, to little plants, and bags of wool.  There is also the jumble of old VHS tapes, or cassettes, or cheap super hero toys from the 80′s.  But there are always some treasure hidden among the trash,  Whenever I’m up for the weekend, we go together.  I’ve found some amazing things that have become treasures to me. You will inevitably find a vintage crocheted doily or two, or if you’re lucky, a vintage crocheted blanket or tablecloth like this one.  I always marvel at the intricate work, and think about the maker (perhaps no longer with us) and wonder what inspired them to make such a piece of art, and how long it took them, and how sad it is that no one really knows the value of such a piece (as I look at the $3 price tag).  I have bought more than my fair share of these little pieces, and store them safely in my craft room.  Such beauties!

This piece was for sale (now no longer) via  lacasadecoto’s etsy store.