vintage containers


Succulents <3

I freaked out when I noticed our green house got a some in! They all had to come home with me obviously…
All of them have tons of little off shoots starting so that means even more if they root!!

I cut a few of the larger ones off before transplanting to the containers, they shall rest a few days and then be moved to some soil to start the growin process.

Vintage Jumpsuit No 3 by ~Lutetia~ (The Sims 3)

This set contains a vintage/mexican inspired jumpsuit
~ Works for female teens and (young) adults
~ Recolorable
~ All morphs (base, fat, thin, fit, pregnant) included
~ Valid for MATERNITY
~ Base Game compatible

Age: Teen, Young Adult, Adult

I want to open a little plant shop with succulents, dish gardens, tropicals, various plant oddities and flower arrangements. Offer cute vintage or handmade containers, wedding work, etc. I’ve worked for a few florist shops, been gardening since I could walk and making arrangements since I was 11. I feel like I could rock at owning a shop thats unique and anti-Teleflora crap. Actual works of plant art and not stuff that looks like everything else. I would totally name it Sweet Succulents. 

Just dreaming out loud. You know they say the first step to actualizing your dreams is to put it out into the universe. So, here it is universe. I got the vision, now bring me a small business loan and someone who knows how to manage.

#BestYearEver: Update Your Space

5 unique ways to make your place feel like home

So you moved into your “new” apartment months ago but it still doesn’t look lived in. Don’t worry, many of us prolong the task of organizing or decorating until we’ve almost forgotten about it, but once you just do it, you’ll be so happy you did. After all, it is your home - you owe it to yourself to make it a place where you want to hang out. We’re sharing our best tips to inspire your interior update, along with some of our go-to home goods that won’t break the bank. Scroll down to get started!

A minimalist vanity

Living room decor

Show your personality. Unique pieces distinguish a nice space from a great one. Look for cool decor items that you can place on tables or bookshelves to give your home a more personal feel, like mirrors (which will create the illusion of a bigger space), quirky bookends or interesting vases.

Copper Easel Mirror

Puppy Bookends

Vintage Toyo Ikebana Geometric Vase

Frame and hang scarves. If you’re at a loss for how to liven up your walls and don’t want to spend too much money, consider framing a series of silk squares. It’s an easy, artsy way to show your style without worrying about what kind of art will look good. Plus, you can mix and match colors and prints for a fun gallery wall!

Love is in the air silk square

RODA Square scarves

Square Printed Scarf

Display your nice things. Having your vanity essentials like jewelry and makeup laid out in front of you not only makes getting ready so much easier, it also makes it more fun. Look for small dishes and jewelry stands that fit in with the feel and look of your room.

Radial Jewelry Stand

Bits & Baubles Trinket Dish

Tiered Vestige Cosmetics Holder

Spruce up your coffee table. Making the common area space a cozy place to be is important, especially if you have people over often. Fill your coffee table with a variety of art books, candles and other accessories that will transform your space.

Kate Moss

Archipelago Botanicals Signature Soy Wax Candle

Vintage Marble Container Set

Don’t forget the bathroom. It’s easy to gloss over bathroom decor, but when you take the time to consider the details, people will notice. A nice soap dish, hand lotion and decorative storage containers go a long way.

Apothecary Soap Dish

Diptyque Velvet Hand Lotion

Scented Glycerin Soap

some unknown Michael stories

Michael Emerson

Emmy-winning actor Michael Emerson has performed on Broadway with Paul Giamatti and Kevin Spacey, appeared in the top-grossing horror film franchise of all time and currently stars on an ABC drama that Time magazine named one of the 100 best shows of all time (he won the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for The Practice, by the way). And he has Jacksonville to thank. Emerson moved to Jacksonville by way of New York City in the mid-’80s and quickly got involved in the arts community.He acted in a number of productions at Theatre Jacksonville and served as its technical director of theater. He also taught drawing at Flagler College in St. Augustine. “I had a good life in Jacksonville,” he says of his six years in the River City, “and found myself as an actor.” These days, Emerson and his wife, Carrie, are “tri-coastal,” living in New York and Los Angeles for seven months and Hawaii when he’s shooting Lost. But he’ll always have a place in his heart for Northeast Florida.

1. Saw was the most dangerous shoot I’ve ever been on, and I was glad to escape with only minor injuries. I had cracked ribs, lumps, bruises and scrapes all over me. I couldn’t sleep on my right side for weeks.

2. I played a Polynesian witch doctor in the fifth grade play. My first Jacksonville role was Iago in Othello at UNF.

3. Nothing makes me more nervous than public speaking (as myself). Talk shows? … Terrifying!

4. I have worked as a landscaper, carpenter, painter, shipping clerk, teacher, designer and director—but only waited tables once. I lasted three hours in the dining room of the Des Moines Country Club before I poured coffee on a lady. I wasn’t asked back.

5. People understand (in their rational minds, at least) that I am not really the character I play on Lost. But some of them are cautious around me, behaving rather formally and keeping a safe distance.

6. I always wanted to be an archeologist. Still do. I like archeology because I am a person oriented toward the past and because it is a kind of detective.

7. Director Sam Raimi gave away the part I was playing in the film For the Love of the Game to his brother.

8. I’ve never been very comfortable with guns— never held one in my life except in front of a camera.Strangely, I’ve carried guns in almost every role I’ve played in movies and TV. Hell, you can’t ask someone to pass the salt on Lost without drawing a gun!

9. I learned to act for the camera by doing training films for the U.S. government in Brunswick, Georgia.

10. Sixteen years later, I still have a storage unit in Jacksonville, which contains 500 vintage Lps, all of my graduate school papers and original sketches from my life as an illustrator, and an assortment of canes, swords, wigs and trophies from my North Florida theater days. I never had an apartment with enough space to keep them, but this year I’ll finally empty it out. I think.


Rob and Twigs spent Friday in London riding bikes and making a stop at Boxpark in Shoreditch, a pop up mini mall made up of converted boxcars/containers. Vintage pic of Rob and new pic of Twigs today looking chic in her Christopher Kane embroidered leather jacket paired with bicycle leggings and a classic quilted Chanel bag. Aug. 7, 2015. 

freddie.  @freddienouveau_
yes r pattz yes fka twiglet u just cycle thru kings cross i c u

chloe ✨ ‏  @chloetraynor
Robert pattinson just cycled past us -had an air of mild exasperation and a solid lumberjack beard 🚴🏼 @Jasminwoddis