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In today’s episode of Snapshots, Bobby Hundreds captures the story behind one of LA style’s best kept secrets, Greenspan’s. Owners Evan and Josh Greenspan talk about dressing the Latino community when no one else would, popularizing their look, surviving across generations, and what it means to be the “Last Original Clothing Store.”

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‘Candy Darling’ - Model: Anna Ewers | Photographer: Mikael Jansson | Stylist: Karl Templer

Delphine Arnault and Karlie Kloss, fashion souls

Karlie, can you explain your role in the prize? 
K. K -. I joined the team of experts. My mission is to select eight finalists from the twenty-three designers present tonight. I take this role very seriously, because I am aware of the good fortune that this award is for all those young designers. I’m really touched that you thought of me, Delphine. 

DA - Your place is more than legitimate!The role of experts is not only to make a selection, but also to share with the young designers, give them advice, to encourage them, to warn them about this or that faux pas … Your route fashion and the way you lead your career commands respect. All young designers have a lot to learn from you. You have the profile of the perfect expert.

Through your respective trades, you are in constant contact with the creators. What have you learned from them?
DA - The generosity and kindness. For example, it is Nicolas Ghesquière me first talked to me about JW Anderson. He said, “This boy is interesting, you should look at his work.” Like every year, when I see the how much time Karl Lagerfeld gives to each of the twenty-three selected talents, I am totally blown away!
KK - I’ll join you! I found over time that the fashion industry was certainly a business, but it was primarily a story of human beings and encounters.

Are you creative yourself?
KK - As a teenager, I was interested in science and math, I could see myself making a career in this field. Fashion has upset all my prospects. More precisely, it has expanded them! Rub shoulders daily creative people an incentive to look further. This is probably why coding and making cookies excite me so much. Why stop?

What advice would you give to young people who want to get into fashion today?
DA - Think long term. Fashion is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to give all … lengthwise. Also be aware of your specificity and never lose sight of it. Competition is tough and we can lost ourselves. Your strength will be what makes you unique.
KK - You’re absolutely right. You have to stay true to who you are. If you knew how many times in my career I’ve been rejected. You have to know how to take punches, to develop a thick skin and to be able to cope with negative experiences.

You are both knowledgeable businesswomen. Did being a woman penalize you?
KK - I have three sisters, and we are all women of character in the family. In my case, the only man, my father, is the one we should be sorry for. (Laughter.)
DA - When you think about Karlie’s journey, being a woman does not seem to have slowed her in the least.
KK  - And I do not intend to stop there! I really feel the desire to be an entrepreneur, to build. Besides, Delphine is part of the women who inspire me tremendously. I admire the way she manages her professional and private life. This balance seems difficult to find.

Let’s go on fashion. You are gathered to celebrate the creators of tomorrow.What are the young designers you wear regularly? 
KK - Gosh! I’m obsessed with Rosie Assoulin. Ditto for the work of Virgil Abloh with his Off-White label. I also wear a lot of dresses from The Reformation . It is a mark of Los Angeles that recycles vintage clothes. The cuts are impeccable.

Were you fashion victims?
KK - I come from a small town in the Midwest. I coined my style in contact with designers, stylists. I learned from them that clothes allow you to get into the skin of a thousand characters. I often see myself as a chameleon. The fashion power is pretty amazing.” (x)