Clothing/Fashion Reference

temporalequinox asked you:
Hi! I love your comic and I’ve been working on a vintage inspired story myself for the passed few years now, but I can never find a great source for clothing of the time period my story takes place in. Do you by any chance have an accurate source that you look to for reference?

nosunlightinthecity asked you:
I’m wondering where you researched 20’s fashion and style (and language!). My own foray lead me to nothing but cheap flapper costumes, but I’m hoping to be more put-together for this themed museum event. I’d love any nudge in a good direction. Thank you in advance!

Hi, guys! Here are some online places you can find authentic period clothing reference from the past 130 years or so:

  • Old clothing catalogs. There are a lot of them archived in book form for pretty reasonable prices on Amazon. Scans from these catalog collections are plentiful online too - easy to find with a Google Image search.

  • Old photographs. There’s no better reference than real actual people wearing real actual clothing. Shorpy is a goldmine. Also, it may or may not be common knowledge, but the US Library of Congress site has a huge online archive of historic photographs. (Obviously, that’s a pretty American-centric source, but I imagine many internet-friendly nations have a rough equivalent.)

  • Vintage clothing stores. There are quite a few of them with fairly extensive online catalogs - just be careful to look for actual vintage articles of clothing as opposed to vintage style clothing loosely based on history.

  • Museum collections. The Metropolitan Museum, for instance, has a very large collection of historic clothes and ensembles by historic designers (Vera Maxwell, Coco Chanel, etc) available for perusal on their site (pick Collections>Search collections). There are a number of tumblr blogs out there too, like OMGthatdress, featuring such pieces with search tags that might make it easier to find what you’re after. 

I hope that helps.
If anyone has other resource recommendations, feel free to share!