vintage ceramics


Crested Echeveria ramillette in mid-century Italian marbled pot

This was my ribbon winning plant at the SFSCS show this year. The recent photo (top) shows about five months of additional growth (July 2017). The plant was purchased from at one of our monthly meetings last year, and potted in September 2016.

I did a lot of research on the pot, which has a mid-century looking factory stamp “Made Italy” on the bottom. There is an 18th-century process called “agateware”, and another more modern one called “marbled slipware” (the later seems to only apply to flat pieces). I think this may be a mass produced imitation of those. Honestly, it has me a bit stumped, but the swirled shapes of the marbling were evocative of the patterns that develop from the cresting, so it seemed like a good fit.

I hadn’t done the topping stone when I took most of the photos, so here’s a closeup. Aventurine, Ruby in Zoisite, Moss Agate, and Gem Serpentine. 


Sedum furfuraceum in a vintage 1974 glazed pot.

Just about every specimen of S. furfuraceum is interesting to look at. The gnarled stems and the waxy leaves evoke an ancientness that relatives like s. rubrotinctum and pachyphyllum never acquire. Still, this particular plant caught my eye with its compact rosettes and pleasing overall structure. 

I paired it with this vintage pot – signed and dated 1974. The muted natural colors and quick, liquid brushwork create the perfect setting. So much character, but it’s not trying too hard to catch our attention.

  • Potted and photographed: January 2017

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