vintage car,

1969 Camaro with a 396 at a recent car show. The owner put an aftermarket breather on the motor and he/she wasn’t around then I took the pic so I’m not sure of the horsepower. The car had an automatic. The Super Sport with the Rally Sport option still takes my breath away!


I LOVE!!! this red (“Aztec Bronze”) 1966 Chevelle with a factory 396 and a (I assume, Muncie) 4-speed. Notice she has hubcaps and not rally rims. Didn’t get to see the motor so I’m not sure which horsepower version of the 396 she has in her. I still want one of these as a daily, run-around-town car.


1967 Chevelle Super Sport in Ermine White with a 396 big block and a factory Muncie 4-speed. There is an owner-added Hurst shifter. (His horsepower sticker on the breather is incorrect, only came in 325, 340 or 375, but I won’t fault him for that 😊). Look at the ignition switch at the top of the dash. Yes, the factory clock on the console still works. Would love to have this car as a daily driver!


1973 Pontiac Firebird Formula with a 455 cu/in power plant stuffed under the hood. Same car but two different car shows. You can barely see the twin hood scoops that mated to the air intake ducts on the air filter & breather. This car was a 3-speed automatic. Remember the factory “honeycomb” rims? What looks like striping on the sides is just a reflection of the parking lot lines.


Was at a car show a few weeks ago and the sun was so bright these pics are off center. But here is an immaculate 1969 big block Camaro Super Sport with the Z22 Rally Sport option. All of that 300+ horsepower was mated to an automatic transmission (probably a turbo-400). Nicely-optioned car with the D90 “hockey stick” striping, the Rally Sport package, a 396 big block, cowl hood, gauge cluster on the console, N66 optional rims and a handsome vinyl roof.